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Noted blogger and author Amy Welborn was also on Spirit Catholic Radio in Nebraska. Here are the clips from her appearances. Be sure to visit her blog to find any / all of her books or perhaps visit the New York Times to see some of her writings regarding the Holy Father's visit. Having attended one of her talks, I can say (1) she's as pretty in real life as her picture would have you believe and (2) she's equally impressive when she speaks. Do check her out.

Amy Welborn is the writer of many books, including 'Here, Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good Life' and de-coding DaVinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The DaVinci Code'. (Our Sunday Visitor) She holds a Master of Arts in Church History from Vanderbilt University.

Amy Welborn's Flannery O'Connor Page

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The Apostles by Pope Benedict
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