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There's a site out there, Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact, which has collected scans of old Catholic-y comics from last century. They're pretty kewl, in a POD (piously over devotional) sort of way. If you have kids (or nieces / nephews or godchildren) who you have trouble articulating the truths of the faith to, you might just give the site a browse -- the archive is voluminous.

Here's an interview (WMA format) with an artist illustrator of said comics:

Listen to the Interview with Frank M. Borth
[Read the Transcription]

For an example, you might try the following Comic about God and creation from 1956. It talks about how the earth came to be from a scientific perspective, discusses how this doesn't contradict Church teaching, and closes with the line, "...Remembering how things were made isn't half as important as remembering who made them."

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