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I'm not big on Apparitions (although I don't dis-believe), so I can't really say if these are very good or not. It's simply not a big part of my spirituality. In any event, for those so interested here are a number of talks on the subject.

Talks About Fatima by various speakers.
Hamish Fraser The Urgency of Fatima: "In the meantime,Russia continues to spread her errors throughout the world, as prophesied at Fatima, and the most effective way is throughout the Church" (60 mins) talk_fatUrg.mp3
Rev. Joseph de Sainte Marie OCD Fatima 20th Century Prophecy: This Carmelite Theologian in Rome says "The message of Fatima has been and will be a sign of contradiction. It is misunderstood, it is resisted. To undertake any theological or apostolic work to make this message better known is to embrace difficulties. It is one of the sacrifices asked for by Our Lady". (70 mins) talk_fatProph.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Ph.D Whatever happened to Fatima?: "Fatima speaks, first of all, of the vision of Hell, a most unpopular topic in the last twenty-five years". (90 mins) talk_fatWhat.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Ph.D Fatima, Light of the World: "Almost like a script, the predictions and warnings have been acted out, and we find ourselves in an incredible valley of darkness". (80 mins) talk_fatLight.mp3
Fr.Vincent Miceli SJ Mary's Peace Plan: "So here you have Our Lady trying to turn a whole world that is moving and rushing towards Atheism, away from God, by her Peace Plan at Fatima". (44 mins) talk_fatPeace.mp3
Anthony Fraser - Editor of Apropos Fatima, a Millenial Warning: " Recorded in 1999, it is one of the most explicit expositions of Fatima in the light of the last months of the 20th century. In many points, he refers to the writings of M. Arnaud de Lassus". (82 mins) talk_fatWarn.mp3
Stephen Smith Fatima, the Perfect Answer to Liberalism: "The Angel tells the children, when asking them to offer prayers and sacrifices in reparation for sins:'The most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you'. This love by the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is totally opposed to today's notion that sacrifice is out, and that 'creating a better community' is our task". (67 mins) talk_fatAnswer.mp3
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