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So most of us have no idea what a Latin Mass sounds like, Motu Propio notwithstanding. To help familiarize yourself with the Mass and some other Latin Prayers, here are some MP3s:

The Mass - A Primer:

Ordinary of the Mass (1962 codification)(Html):
[PDF text]

Audio: Altar Server's MP3 Training File

01 Signum Crucis.mp3
02 Ave Maria.mp3
03 Salve Regina.mp3
04 Deus Refugium Nostrum.mp3
05 Sancte Michael Archangele.mp3
06 Cor Jesu Sacratissimum.mp3
07 Pater Noster.mp3
08 Gloria Patri.mp3
09 Angelus.mp3
10 Regina Caeli Latare.mp3
11 Confiteor.mp3
12 Misereatur Mei.mp3
13 Kyrie.mp3
14 Gloria in excelsis.mp3
15 Credo in Unum Deo.mp3
16 Sanctus.mp3
17 Agnus Dei.mp3

Mass Chants:
MP3 link -- Adoremus Hymnal # JPG Image of Music with MP3 link
Kyrie 200 Kyrie
Gloria 201 Gloria
Verbum Domini p. 20
Credo 202 Credo
Prayer of the Faithful Response p.26, B
Preface dialog p. 32, left column
Sanctus 203 Sanctus
Mysterium Fidei (1st version), Mortuam tuam … p. 46
Pater Noster, with introduction and embolism p. 84 and p. 86
Agnus Dei 204 Agnus Dei
Ite Missa est; Deo gratias
Ite Missa est; Deo gratias (Easter)

MP3 link -- Adoremus Hymnal # JPG Image of Music with MP3 link
Adoro Te Devote 510 Adoro Te Devote
Alma Redemptoris (2nd edition only) Alma Redemptoris
Ave, Maris Stella 533 Ave, Maris Stella
Ave, Regina Caelorum 538 (2nd edition only) Ave, Regina Caelorum
O Salutaris Hostia - (Duguet) - 519 O Salutaris Hostia
Pange Lingua (Melody for Tantum Ergo) 391 Pange Lingua
Parce, Domine 365 Parce, Domine
Regina Caeli 546 Regina Caeli
Salve Regina 547 Salve Regina
Tantum Ergo 393 Tantum Ergo
Veni Creator Spiritus 441 Veni Creator Spiritus
Ubi Caritas 390 Ubi Caritas

For more masses in Latin than you can handle, go to this site and click on the "All Known Masses
" link at the bottom left hand side of the page. After you do, on the right hand side you'll see over 680 different masses. The ones which have links have MP3 recordings associated. Here's an example:

Da pacem (Bauldeweyn)
Josquin des Prez / Jean Mouton / Noel Bauldeweyn:
Kyrie Gloria Credo Sanctus Agnus Dei
Edition: Josquin des Prez, Werken, ed. Albert Smijers, (Amsterdam: Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, 1927-69), I. iv. 29-59 (Aflevering 34, Missen 19).

And as a special's Franky Sinatra singing the Ave Maria.
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    Thank you for this blog!
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    P.S. I especially liked the Frank bonus tune

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    This is a wonderful web page, thanks.
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    the language of the church is latin from the very beginning...thanks for such a wonderful resource.

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    Yes, but remember God existed before Latin

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    May the good Lord bless u all for the good work of his that u are doing but please I need the complete mass in latin how soon can I get it n also benedictus too thanks and GOD bless u all
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