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That bastion of Catholic orthodoxy, Franciscan University of Steubenville, hosts a Young Adults Conference every year. Here are the talks from the last two years.

From the 2006 Young Adults Conference:

Mark Hart - "Holy Spirit Fire of Love" MP3 16.1 mb

Fr. Larry Richards - "Unchanging Love" MP3 8.1 mb

Mary Bielski - "Becoming a Vessel of Love" MP3 13.4 mb

From the 2005 Young Adults Conference:

Tammy Evevard
- MP3 "My Glorious" 12.5 mb

Fr. John Gordon - MP3 "Immaculate Heart of Mary" 7.4 mb

Ralph Poyo - MP3 "Live The Glory" 17.2 mb

Fr. Larry Richards - MP3 "Called to Glory" 14.3 mb and "Eucharist" 21.6 mb

Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR - MP3 "Proclaim the Glory" 11.2 mb

There are also a number of .wmv talks available at the link where I found them -- HERE.
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