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"Does obedience to the Church compromise my conscience?"

Canon Halloran University Catholic Chaplain, describes the importance of conscience, and how our conscience is formed.
Download [18.1Mb] 26/10/07

"A Response to Richard Dawkins"
Fr Tim Finigan provides a response to many arguments against God by Richard Dawkins.
Download [22.9Mb] 18/10/07

"The Blessed Trinity"
Canon Halloran University Catholic Chaplain, speaks on the crucial aspect of Christian faith, providing an explanation the Blessed Trinity.
Download [22.7Mb] 18/10/07

"University: my life continues, does my faith?"
This is the first Catholics' Society weekly talk of the year and is given by Gospel of Life Sister Andrea Fraile.
Download [22.2Mb] 01/10/07

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