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Reader Tom sent in a link to a rather well-designed site, St. Irenaeus Ministries, that really looks like a promising source of excellent Catholic audio. Since Lent is drawing to a close, I figured the following audio files would be helpful:

Lent - An Honest Personal Assessment:
The importance of a true and honest personal assessment, with lessons from 1st Corinthians and Romans.

(Download: audio/mpeg; 26.96 MB)

Lent - The Life of David:
It has been said that whoever wishes to repent should study the deeds of David. This unvarnished look at the life of David serves as the backdrop for next week's look at Psalm 51.

(Download: audio/mpeg; 13.13 MB)

Lent - Psalm 51:
A study of the great Penitential Psalm.

(Download: audio/mpeg; 13.57 MB)

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    DimBulb March 15, 2008 at 12:51 AM , said...

    St Irenaeus has some great podcasts. The podcasts on Malachi, whose book gives us the first reading for the lenten season on ash Wednesday would also be a good way to end that season. Likewise, some of the podcasts on St Luke emphasize repentance. I would also recommend Hebrews.


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