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Here's the Catholic Forum Podcast. It looks really good - lots of conversion stories which, at their root, are always love stories. Here are some of the more interesting (to me) recent topics:

Experiencing the Holy Spirit's call of love as a young child, Deacon Dan Schneider, a convert to Catholicism, discusses his spiritual journey into the Deaconate. Hosted by Michelle Den Hartigh.
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Co-hosts Phil Krill and Gary Coates discuss the culture of death as resulting from the death of Trinitarian theology.
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Catholic Deacon and convert Dan Schneider discusses the Vocaris and Retrouvaille programs which help married couples find fulfillment in their marital vocation.
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Jeannie Wernet, a convert to the Catholic Faith and mother of eleven children, discusses how Natural Family Planning increases loving spousal communication, strengthens marriage and is the pathway to God.
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Fr. Matt Barnum, a former Lutheran youth, becomes a Catholic priest; he describes his steps along the journey in this episode.
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