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St. Irenaeus Ministries hosts a talk I'm looking forward to - The Foundations of Biblical Thinking. I listened to the series on Malachi and it was quite good. I'm expecting no less here. Here's what they write:

Way back in September of 2006 we posted a preview of "The Foundations of Biblical Thinking." This study of Torah has remained one of our most downloaded episodes, so by popular demand here it is in its entirety!
The Old Testament offers four key gifts to Christians: (1) it points to Christ as the messiah and the savior of Israel; (2) it deepens our understanding of Christ by enabling us to read the New Testament in the light of the Old, and vice versa; (3) it provides a type of spiritual road-map for life, describing a saga which we are all fated to relive; and (4) it reformats our thinking to focus more on God, opening the doors into the infinite recesses of the Divine Heart and His sublime mysteries.
Remember that this series and all our other material is available on our webstore,
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The above text is accompanied by the first link I'm posting below. The second link below is one which looked...well...relevant. A listener update in the combox would be helpful if you get to it before I do.

FBT - Primordial Biblical Foundations

(Download: audio/mpeg; 21.86 MB)

The Foundations of Biblical Thinking

(Download: audio/mpeg; 26.21 MB)

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    Mark of the Vineyard April 10, 2009 at 8:24 PM , said...

    Just want to say that the quailty of David Higbee's classes is phenomenal. Besides being a great speaker, he peppers his explanation with his opinions, which I have to admit I agrre a lot with. Thanks for providing the links to these! I'll have to find the remainder of the classes.


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