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A while back I did a post on a fella' I really like named The Apologist. He's an exceptionally talented Catholic rap artist. Apparently, he found the blog and writes in:

I am that artist, and am no longer a member of that order Miles Jesu and have gone back to school. I still am doing my music ministry though so you may want to update that post to reflect the new information. My website and everything else remains the same. Also my new rap name is D-Major, but some still call me "the Apologist" you can hear my new music at or at

God bless and Happy Easter.
D-Major aka The Apologist

His site has a number of tracks you can listen to for free through his embedded player. If you want a good sample from that playlist, I recommend "Catacomb to ya' dome" or (linked in my previous post) "53 Beads on a String".
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