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UPDATE: Wow. If you thought you knew anything about the particulars of the Schiavo case, give this a listen. I assure you, you had no idea. I've read several research papers by prominent bioethicists (in addition to the ridiculous coverage by the media) and none of them discussed the points made by Mr. Gibbs. Do check this out.

From the CLA:

Attorney David Gibbs III

In this emotional, power-packed video interview, Attorney David Gibbs III, lead attorney in the fight to save the life of Terri Schiavo, explains what really happened behind the scenes in the case and why it matters to all of us. An excellent resource for use in public showings in churches, schools, or other outreach opportunities, the full-length, high-resolution DVD is available upon request from the Christian Law Association.

Special thanks to David Webb at Sonlight Studios for his outstanding efforts to make this video possible. If your church or school needs a promotional video, please contact David at

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