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A poster named awfulthings9 (real name Spencer Allen) over at the Catholic Answers Forums gave a talk about Scripture and Tradition at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Jefferson City, MO.

I think it's always fun to hear in real-world the folks you interact with online. If you've never been to the Catholic Answers Forums, you might give it a shot -- there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks who are eager to help the earnestly seeking soul. Whether your question is about the existence of God, the validity of a baptism in the name of the "Creator, Redeemer and the Sanctifier" or the whether or not the orans position is appropriate during the Our Father at mass, you can get answers with as much clarity and specificity as the Church has given (and almost always with documentation to support).

The presenter, Spencer Allen, is the new principal of a Catholic school in the diocese of Jefferson City, MO. He writes:

I hope you find the talk useful, was well as the other resources at our site. We are trying our best to arm these future members of the Church militant, as well as their parents, the first heralds of Christ for these young men and women. If you have any other ideas for strengthening our program, please let me know through this [Catholic Answers] forum or pm.

ps. And odd cough snuck in after the introduction. Sorry.

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