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A reader writes:
I wanted to call your attention to the wealth of audio available on my parishes website in the Diocese of Madison, WI. Perhaps the most interesting is talks given at our well attended Theology on Tap talks. This semester we have had Fr. Robert Sirico, Vinny Rottino (former Milwaukee Brewer baseball player), Joe Campo, etc.

There are also recordings of a weekly series give by the rector of the cathedral, Msgr Kevin Holmes, on the Compendium. Each talk covers a section of the compendium and is excellent for those who are reading through it.

You can find these and homilies by our Bishop Robert Morlino on the website The audio files are here.

I can't quite figure out how to link to the MP3s, so do go to the webpage linked above for the audio.
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    Tim April 8, 2008 at 11:50 PM , said...

    Thanks for posting the link. I am sorry if it was difficult to link directly to the MP3's. Our site uses an audio player to save some space (and costs) I hope people will take a look at the rest of the homepage as well. Lots of great resources at a fantastic parish in the heart of downtown Madison.


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