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There's a new search engine which looks like it will be trying to compete against the googlemonster. So far, it looks pretty kewl. The interface is certainly different than the standard Google / Yahoo model - it's more like iTunes and it's entirely flash based. Know your audience, right?

In any case, you might check out the site: Searchme Visual Search - Beta. Note the narrowability at the blog, Christianity, music, etc., depending on the search you do...

In any case, just thought you folks might be interested.

*HT to Danielle Bean

UPDATE: Odd. I'm the very first hit for "free catholic mp3", but I can't find my site with the search for "catholic mp3". Wait...nope...there I am...I'm about 100 deep. I'm about #6 on google. I wonder how their algorithm is constructed. Oh well, I'm sure it's a trade secret...
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    kewl October 26, 2009 at 4:10 PM , said...

    Congrats on getting rated for Free Catholic MP3. I will have to check out the searchme search engine. Have a good one.


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