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Here's a video I watched today about Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone. Thankfully, this is a group of humans that the secular world actually believes are human (unlike the unborn) - and they're working, rightly, to improve matters. Credit where credit is due.

If you're completely unfamiliar with the subject, this half-hour video is worth watching.

Video Information

In this programme, Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, travels to Sierra Leone in an attempt to reunite the country's child soldiers with their families.

Following the long and brutal civil war, in which children were tortured, drugged and manipulated into becoming combatants, the UN brokered a peace agreement that guaranteed the release of Sierra Leone's child soldiers.

As a result, kids put down their guns, streamed out of the bush, and were told to go home. Sadly, most of them no longer knew where home was.

During his trip, Michael Douglas befriends a former child soldier who had been separated from his family during the war. The young boy, Abu, has been so emotionally devastated and detached that no one has been able to break through to him; that is until Michael spontaneously sings him a simple song.

The star's rendition of the Frank Loesser classic, I love you a Bushel and a Peck, proves to be the key that unlocks Abu's memories and eventually help the UN to reunite him with is family after a long and painful 10-year absence.

Download for video iPod here.

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