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In this book, pivotal to all his historical insights, Belloc answers the question: What made Europe? He shows it was not the barbarians nor the Protestant Reformation, but the Catholic Faith that made Europe (and the worldwide civilization produced by Europe). Protestantism gravely wounded this our civilization, and only the Catholic Faith can rejuvenate it. It must return to that Faith or perish! This is a tremendous eye-opener on where we are today and where we must go from here!!

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Ch. 01: What Was the Roman Empire?34.1M23.2M17.1M
Ch. 02: What Was the Church in the Roman Empire?28.6M19.7M14.3M
Ch. 02 (cont.)28.3M20.0M14.2M
Ch. 03: What Was the 'Fall' of the Roman Empire?33.2M23.1M16.6M
Ch. 03 (cont)17.9M12.3M9.0M
Ch. 04: The Beginning of the Nations17.1M12.0M8.5M
Ch. 4B19.4M13.4M9.7M
Ch. 4C18.5M12.8M9.2M
Ch. 5: What Happened to Britain?44.7M31.6M22.3M
Ch. 5B32.0M23.0M16.0M
Ch. 5C22.7M16.2M11.3M
Ch. 6: The Dark Ages15.1M9.9M7.6M
Ch. 6B21.5M14.1M10.8M
Ch. 7: The Middle Ages29.5M19.3M14.7M
Ch. 8: What Was the Reformation?18.1M11.6M9.0M
Ch. 8B17.5M11.4M8.7M
Ch. 9: The Defection of Britain18.2M11.7M9.1M
Ch. 9B27.9M18.0M14.0M

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    Maureen August 21, 2007 at 1:31 PM , said...

    It's not quite done. I still need to post the foreword (mostly about WWI) and chapter ten. These should come out at the end of the week.

    Keith October 18, 2007 at 4:12 PM , said...

    the mp3 and ogg vorbis links seem to all be dead.


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