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Dr. Peter Kreeft is a world renowned educator, debater author of over 50 books and Christian apologist. He was in Ottawa March 30th to April 1st, 2007 to deliver a series of intense lectures sponsored by Augustine College and St. Patrick's Basilica.

Typically, each lecture is followed by a thought provoking Q & A session. In the case of these Kreeft lectures, this session was particularly lively and stimulating.

What Difference Does Jesus Make?

Death and Resurrection of...the Church?

Lecture at the Society for Classical Learning

Kreeft on the powerful unity in Charismatic Experience

If you've never been exposed to Peter Kreeft before, you might also want to read some of his writings here. If you're too lazy to click on that link, here are a couple of the .pdf files available after the jump:

#101 – Faith

#102 – God
#103 –Creation
#104 – The Human Person
#105 – Jesus Christ
#106 – The Holy Spirit

UPDATE: You can listen to these writings being read (not by Peter Kreeft) after the jump.
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