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Another Lenten audio retreat for your enjoyment...if that's the right word for a Lenten anything...

Preached by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea

Duration Streaming Download
March 11, 2007: Prelude to the mission 37:31 Listen Now 4.3 MB
March 12, 2007: On Death 1:04:22 Listen Now 7.4 MB
March 13, 2007: On Judgement 2:00:13 Listen Now 13.7 MB
March 14, 2007: On Hell 1:33:17 Listen Now 10.9 MB
March 15, 2007: On Heaven 53:34 Listen Now 6.1 MB

Better Quality Audio of Same:

Name Size
01-Prelude-to-the-Mission.mp3 21M
02-On-Death.mp3 37M
03-On-Judgement-CD1.mp3 34M
03-On-Judgement-CD2.mp3 35M
04-On-Hell-CD1.mp3 30M
04-On-Hell-CD2.mp3 23M
05-On-Heaven.mp3 31M
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    Audio Sancto September 4, 2007 at 12:39 PM , said...

    What the poster failed to mention is that the Lenten Mission sermons are just five out of hundreds of sermons available for free at


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