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I don't have a pithy intro for you other than to say that this is the holy, inerrant, inspired word of God. It's the ASV translation because (1) I can't find anyone having read the Douay-Rheims on free audio and (2) the USCCB holds the copyright on the NAB, and they keep a tight grip on it. Oh, and the RSV-CE (a vastly superior translation compared to the NAB...and don't get me started on the NAB's footnotes!) is copyrighted as well. So the ASV is what we get.

Rather than a good intro, here are Ten Reasons to Reject the Q Hypothesis. If you've been to a Catholic school / RCIA in America (and probably elsewhere) you've no doubt heard that Matthew, Mark and Luke were based off of another Gospel....Q (from the Latin "quelle" meaning "source"). This is a stupid idea, and if you don't know why you should click the above link. The first two reasons are the most compelling for me.

Oh, and for a nice companion, here's the EWTN program on the Gospel of Mark with Dr. Tim Gray (RealAudio format -- if you need MP3, see: Converting RealAudio to MP3) No matter what you know, you'll learn something listening to this.

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