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I just wanted to point folks to a particular name in my sidebar: Fr. Hudgins.

I'm finishing listening to his talks about the Doctors of the Church, and...well...WOW. He's gifted. Despite having listened to most of the talks I've linked, none have really pointed me specifically towards where I need to go in my Spiritual life. There's plenty of info on this site about what we believe and why, and the retreats are certainly helpful to be led closer to Christ through meditation on His life, but this little series on the Doctors of the Church is truly exceptional.

By walking through the lives and writings of these Saints, Fr. Hudgins presents a clear path describing how we can grow in holiness according to the Doctors. If you give it a listen, you'll find out about the Interior Castle (what this is and how to prepare it), St. Therese's Little Way, the Dark Night of the Soul (and how to know you're there), and how God has worked in the lives of the Saints to lead them to Holiness. You'll also get some pretty interesting stories about these Saints in the interim -- these talks are less "lecture" and more listening to a friend talk about something he knows very well.

If you're like I am, you want to become a Saint but don't quite understand how an everyday Joe like me can grow in holiness, what with diapers to change, seminars to attend, mouths to feed, bosses to please, etc., etc. If so, please do check out his talks and particularly his series on the Doctors of the Church:

SPEAKER: Fr. Hudgins
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