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This fall, 89 cities in 33 states across the nation will unite for a unique pro-life campaign called 40 Days for Life -- an intensive effort designed to raise awareness, save lives, bring healing, and prepare America for the beginning of the end of abortion.

The campaign will be conducted simultaneously in all locations from September 26 - November 4.

There are three components to 40 Days for Life...

1. Prayer and Fasting

Want to end abortion? First you pray. Prayer is at the center of 40 Days for Life. During the September 26 - November 4 campaign, we are calling on people of faith across the nation to fall on their knees before the Lord, asking Him to hear our plea and heal our land. Pray at church. Pray outside an abortion facility. Pray at work. Pray in the car. Pray at home with your family. Pray!

People of faith are also invited to fast throughout 40 Days for Life. Christ said there are some demons that can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. A fast is not a Christian diet; it is a powerful means of drawing closer to God by blocking out distractions. Fast from food. Fast from television. Fast from e-mail. Fast from apathy and indifference. Fast from whatever it is that separates you from God.

We believe that when God's people pray and fast with a broken, repentant, and contrite spirit, our heavenly Father will hear from heaven and heal our lives, our churches, our communities, our nation, and our world.

2. Peaceful Vigil

The visible, public centerpiece of 40 Days for Life is a 40-day-long prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood center or other abortion facility in each community.

The prayer vigil is a peaceful and educational presence that sends a powerful message to the community about the tragic reality of abortion. It also serves as a call to repentance for those who work at the abortion center and those who patronize the facility.

In many locations, the vigil will be conducted 24 hours a day for each of the 40 days.

3. Community Outreach

During 40 Days for Life, the pro-life message is proactively taken to every possible corner of a community through a focused, grassroots educational effort.

A door-to-door petition and education drive reaches out to households throughout a neighborhood or city. Informational flyers raise awareness about the local crisis of abortion. Citizens are invited to sign a petition of support for the sanctity of human life, and people are given the opportunity to visibly show their support for 40 Days for Life.

Additional outreach activities can include church involvement, media contact, and campus outreach.

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    Travis September 26, 2007 at 1:59 PM , said...


    Please let all of your readers know that as part of the 40 Days movement, my video blog will be running 40 days of pro life and abortion video posts.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Thanks & God Bless,



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