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DISCLOSURE: I haven't listened to this one (yet). I'm posting it because of the Bioethics issues recently brought to the forefront by the UK's endorsement of the creation of embryonic human/animal hybrids for destruction in research. Since it's from Missourians Against Human Cloning, I'm guessing I'll agree with what is said.

If you want a good piece on the loaded assumptions brought into this debate in mainstream dialog, you might want to read the following piece. To read a (very impressive) bio of the author, click here.

Preparing the Groundwork for a Responsible Debate on Stem Cell Research and Cloning, 39 New Eng. L. Rev. 701 (2005) (Keynote address for 2004 Symposium, “Bioethics: The Current Stem Cell Research Debate”) (to be reprinted in Anila V. Menon, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cloning (ICFAI Books 2006)).

That said, here's the audio...

Listen to Dr. Rob Hansen's interview on Eagle Forum Radio:

Interview Part I

Interview Part II

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