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I don't normally post things from the Orthodox (...because...well...I'm Catholic...), but it's hard not to love the Chant of the Russian Orthodox Church -- we just don't have much like it. And besides -- it has Rachmaninov! Rachmaninov? More like Rock-On-inov! (Sidenote: if you know of something Catholic and comparable available online, please post a comment!) While I don't have any free MP3s for you this time, I do have a page where you can listen to over an hour of their chant via stream, chant by chant, as many times as you would like. I give the links below:

Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church

Total time: 73:45
Release date: 10/20/03
Location of artist: Kiev, Ukraine

A perennial Magnatune best-seller, this transcendent album features 26 hymns from the ancient church, sung by the monks of the historic Kiev-Pechersk cave monastery. Included are rare sacred music pieces by both Rachmaninov and the Italian composer J.Sarti, who was so enraptured by Orthodox singing that he left Italy for Russia in 1724 and lived there the rest of his life. Gorgeously layered, these venerable hymns bring together Byzantine traditions with those of old Russia.

Monks and Choirs of Kiev Pechersk Lavra
(This page gives the scoop on their history and the story behind each of the tracks)

Listen to the Chant in hi-fi. (This page has the flash player and relevant streams)

Listen to the Chant in lo-fi. (Same as the page above, but degraded quality for slower connections)
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