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Again, I exhort all of you to participate in 40 Days for Life. You don't have to give any money. You don't even have to go anywhere. Just fast and pray (or even pray fast!). Ask God to honor the prayers and fasting of His people that abortion may cease. If you're one of the on-the-fence people, pray for the post-abortion healing of the women who are traumatized by the experience, and pray that God might save women from being forced into such a decision. What's important is that you pray and fast. While a pure fast will entail consuming only water for the day, you may fast in other ways as well -- fast from your late-night snack, fast from TV, fast from the gossip columns, fast from sleeping in, fast from lunch. Pick something and sacrifice it as a part of 40 Days for Life. No matter how small, God will honor your sacrifice as a loving father honors the crayon drawings of his children. Whether you scribble or paint a masterpiece, God will look with love on your efforts. That said, try for the masterpiece.

Over at Catholic-Tube (a very well-designed site I've linked on my sidebar from the onset), Travis is hosting a new pro-life video every day for the next 40 days. Please make the time to watch a few.
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