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So there's a lot of cyber-ink being spilled these days about Mother Teresa and her faith...and most of it is pure rubbish (with a few notable exceptions). For those with any familiarity whatsoever with St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Avila, it's readily apparent that this was a "dark night of the soul", where God withdraws His spiritual comforts from His beloved in order to purify their faith, hope and love. It's like God saying, "You love me when I give you everything. Can you love me when I give you nothing?" And, yes, Mother could. To think that this process of sanctification could equate to a sort of crypto-atheism is nothing short of ignorant.

Without saying anything more, here are a number of things in a number of media formats about Mother Teresa.

excerpted from American Catholic Radio

from the video Everyone, Everywhere
from the video Everyone, Everywhere
Text and audio excerpt of Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith, On Point Media (.wma) (.rm)

A Catholic iPod over at St. Blog's also did a Mother Theresa round-up. Here's his post, in its entirety

There are a lot of Catholic podcasts lately on Mother Teresa. Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection as mentioned in my previous post, has in the second hour of 8/24/2007 , guest Ralph Martin who talks about Mother Teresa, who passed away ten years ago this September 5th. Ralph and Teresa discuss how it is possible a person like Mother Teresa could feel such an absence of God in her life. In the first hour of Catholic Connection’s 8/28/2007 episode Teresa talks about the new book coming out on Mother Teresa, which includes her struggle with the dark night of the soul. They play an interview with William Donahue of the Catholic League conducted on CNN Headline News.

Kresta in the Afternoon 8/28/2007, has guest Fr. Matthew Lamb speaking on Mother Teresa’s “Dark Night”. Listen here. You can subscribe and download mp3s from Kresta In The Afternoon podcast.

The 3rd hour of The Drew Mariani Show, 8/27/2007, has Monsignor Soseman on The Dark Night of the Soul. You can download mp3s.

Also listen or download Fr. Benedict Groeschel with Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C. on The Cause of Mother Teresa. Update, I can’t get this link to work. If you click here, put the keyword “fr. brian kolodiejchuk” in the EWTN’s program search, and click submit you should get it.
Be sure to visit The Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Center Official Site established by the Missionaries of Charity.

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