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Sorry - I don't have anything for you about Fr. Henry Carmona. He has a radio program in Boise and that's about all I can find about him. His programs seem focused on Social Justice issues - something which would normally give me great pause - but his parish is doing some good evangelization so I'm going to give him a shot. As always, feedback in the comments section is appreciated.

Radio Show Title Air Date
The Just War Theory June 2004
The Preferential Option for the Poor July 2004
Welcoming The Strangers Among Us - Immigration Issues August 2004
The Sanctity of Life September 2004
Catholics, Christmas, Consumerism November 2004
Serving the Lord's Little Ones: Care and Concern for the Incarcerated December 2004
Reproductive Technologies: Roe v Wade January 2005
The Human Trafficking Idaho State Bill February 2005
Justice for All July 2005
Respecting Life from Sunrise to Sunset September 2005
Preparing for Christ at Christmas November 2005
Advocating for Peace in a Christian Manner December 2005
The Role of the Laity in the Workplace February 2006
The Fundamentals of the Catholic Faith March 2006
Catholic Christian Response to Immigration May 2006
Acceptable American Prejudice July 2006
Acceptable Civil Rights Offense April 2007
Fatima Peace - Praying for Those in Armed Conflict May 2007
Farm Aid Bill June 2007
Catholic Solidarity and Service July 2007

They're in .wma format, so if you need it please see my post on how to Convert RealAudio to MP3 -- it works for .wma format as well.
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