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FORENOTE: This guy is smart. Really smart. Do give him a listen.

Father Richard John Neuhaus is president of The Institute on Religion and Public Life, a nonpartisan interreligious research and education institute in New York City.

Neuhaus was ordained as a Lutheran minister and served 17 years as pastor of an African-American congregation in Brooklyn. He converted to Catholicism and was ordained as a priest in 1991, and has played a leading role in organizations dealing with civil rights, international justice and ecumenism.

Valparaiso University's 2007 Albert G. Huegli Lecture on Church-Related Higher Education (.M4A)

Who We Are: A Theological Perspective

2005-02-23University of Kentucky

Is There Life After Truth?



Father Richard Neuhaus of First Things preaching at Columbia (.m4a):
Talk for EPPC on the intersection of religion, politics, and morality.

Richard John Neuhaus on "The Radical Humanism of the Pro-Life Cause" (.wma)

Culture Wars and Public Philosophy - Lecture
Culture Wars and Public Philosophy - Q and A

A Conversation with Richard John Neuhaus, Author of Catholic Matters (.ram)

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here's a link to my post on Converting RealAudio to MP3, which also converts .wma to MP3.
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