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God's Troubadour, The Story of St. Francis of Assisi, by Sophie Jewett.

Read by Sean McKinley

Francis, a young Italian boy, is a merchant's son who is enthralled by the troubadour songs and tales of knights that his father brings back from his travels. He decides to become a knight, but after seeing the poor and suffering in the tragedies of war, he decides to give away all of his worldly possessions and become a troubadour for God.

(Summary by Sean McKinley).

gods_troubadour_librivox_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 (.ZIP)72.2M
Audio Files128Kbps MP3Ogg Vorbis64Kbps MP3
01 - A Child of Long Ago9.5M5.5M4.7M
02 - The Young Troubadour6.3M3.6M3.1M
03 - The Young Soldier6.8M3.9M3.4M
04 - To Arms!7.5M4.3M3.7M
05 - The New Road6.7M3.9M3.4M
06 - The Other Life is as My Life9.4M5.4M4.7M
07 - Father and Son8.1M4.6M4.1M
08 - Lady Poverty10.9M6.3M5.5M
09 - The Bird Sisters7.9M4.5M3.9M
10 - Brother Wolf12.6M7.2M6.3M
11 - The Three Robbers9.4M5.4M4.7M
12 - Nurse and Patient7.1M4.1M3.6M
13 - With the Crusaders12.4M7.1M6.2M
14 - The Christmas at Greccio9.1M5.3M4.6M
15 - La Verna11.4M6.7M5.7M
16 - The Troubadour's Last Song9.3M5.3M4.6M
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