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For a limited time only, Bridegroom Press is offering free MP3s!

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Long time friend of the show and content supplier Wild Bill Albrecht recently debated Turretinfan (a member of the Reformed Protestant camp and contributor at James White's Alpha & Omega Ministries site, home of the always disabled comments section) on the first and most significant Marian dogma: Mary the Mother of God. Check it thou out!

If it helps you to put a face to the name, here's a video Wild Bill made a couple years back:

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Pat Madrid, Catholic apologist extraordinaire, recently gave a talk about moral relativism. I know he knows his Bible and his Church history -- but philosophy? I've gotta' hear this!

Here's what he had to say:

Here's the audio of the talk on moral relativism I gave last Friday in Madison, Wisconsin, before a Catholic audience of approximately 450. It was held at the diocesan center in their super-plush auditorium. Thanks for having me up to speak!
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Last Thursday at Wheaton, two members of the First Things family, board member Timothy George and contributor Francis Beckwith, debated the question, “Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?” A video of the debate can be found here.

In “Evangelicals and the Great Tradition” (Aug/Sept 2007), George discusses Beckwith’s return to the Catholic faith of his childhood from evangelicalism. (Beckwith is a former president of the Evangelical Theological Society.)

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