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With a big ol' hat tip to Mark Shea, here's a link to St. Antoine Daniel Gregorian Chant Ordinaries.

Some simply beautiful chant. For example:

Go. Let your ears drink their fill.
POSTED BY on 12:50 PM under is a Protestant audio-bookstore that offers one free audio download each month. This month's selection is The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Beyond making you cultured, this is an important work of Christian fiction informed by sound theology. Go to this link to download it and hear for yourself -- don't forget the promo coupon: DEC2009.

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*HT to Kell, who remarked, "Holy socks, is it Christmas already!"

Hit the link to bask in a wealth of Fultony goodness.
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Tim Troutman was kind enough to point me to this interview he did recently. Enjoy!

Tim Troutman interviews Taylor Marshall, former Episcopal priest, and Andrew Preslar, formerly studying for Anglican orders, on the subject of the new Anglican Ordinariates and what that means for Christianity and ecumenism.

Reformation meets Rome

Download the mp3 here.

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Reader Dana pointed me to the following talks from Hebrew Catholics:

The Mystery of Israel and the Church

The AHC is sponsoring a lecture series on the mysteries of our faith, with a focus on the role of Israel in salvation history and the deep ties between Israel and the Church. It is hoped that these lectures will be of use both to those who are not Catholic as well as to those who are Catholic.

Lawrence Feingold STD STL is a Hebrew Catholic associate professor of Theology with the Institute of Pastoral Theology, Ave Maria University. Dr. Feingold is the author of these lectures, delivering them every Wednesday night at Boland Hall, Cathedral Basilica, St. Louis, Missouri.

Recordings and a book will be produced of each lecture series. Availability of these items will be discovered on the lecture series index page (link above).

Themes of Salvation History

This series of 12 lectures was given from Sept. through Dec. 2007.

Themes of Faith

This series of 12 lectures was given from Feb. through May 2008.

Themes of the Kingdom

This series of 12 lectures was given from Sept. through Dec. 2008.

Themes of St. Paul

This series of 12 lectures was given from Jan. through May. 2009.

Themes of the Early Church Father

This series of 12 lectures begin on Sept. 23, 2009


They have materials available for sale by Rosalind Moss:

Reasons for Our Hope

A Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke by Rosalind Moss

Study Guide
DVD: Seasons 1 & 2 now available

Note: The Study Guide complements the DVD sets, but they can be used separately from each other.

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*A Hearty HT to Greg for pointing me to this new lecture by Dr. Peter Kreeft, given to Act One.

Screenwriting — Advice to Hollywood writers

If you're not familiar with Dr. Kreeft, follow this link and get busy: SPEAKER: Peter Kreeft

If you are familiar with Dr. Kreeft, no further encouragement is needed.
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Mike Brummand, director of the New Evangelization at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, wrote in and offered the following talks.

To find more of Mr. Brummand's stuff, click here.

Topic Format
Sunday, 9/13/09 - Father Milota: Introduction wma mp3
Sunday, 9/20/09 - Mike Brummond: Why a Church? wma mp3
Sunday, 9/27/09 - Mike Brummond: The Church and the Truth wma mp3
Sunday, 10/4/09 - Mike Brummond: The Church and the Good wma mp3
Sunday, 10/11/09 - Mike Brummond: The Church and the Beautiful wma mp3
Sunday, 10/18/09 - Mike Brummond: The Church Our Mother wma mp3
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*HT to James, who sent me the following tip...

Fr Greg Homeming from our St Ives community is a popular speaker at Mt Carmel Retreat Centre. Recently he gave a day retreat offering simple hints for those trying to pray. The two talks he gave are available for download. They have been divided into approximately 30 minute segments.

Talk 1 part 1 Talk 1 part 2 Talk 2 part 1 Talk 2 part 2

(To download clips, right-click and save linked content)

More resourced from the Discalced Carmelites here.
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If you don't know Fr. Corapi, do yourself a favor and buy one of these. If you DO know Fr. Corapi, you'll know why they're worth the money. Just sayin'.

Flash Point (Fr's Notre Dame Speech) Audio Download
Flash Point (Fr's Notre Dame Speech) Audio Download
Audio Download
Approx. 1 Hour

Personal Testimony Audio Download
Personal Testimony Audio Download
Audio Download
Approx. 1 Hour

Addictions Audio Download
Addictions Audio Download
Audio Download
Approx. 1 Hour

Practical Prayer Audio Download
Practical Prayer Audio Download
Audio Download
Approx. 1 Hour

This blog and its blogger are not associated or affiliated with Fr. Corapi other than being a fellow soldier in the Church Militant. Nothing that money can buy has been received for this advertisement. [/Disclaimer]

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UPDATE: A hearty welcome to Mark Shea's lickspittle minions! You'll note I have a tag on the sidebar which will direct you to talks, rants and other Sheavings by the Nefarious One himself! So take off your shoes and stay a while...

LibriVox recording of The Ballad of the White Horse by G.K. Chesterton. Read by Joshua B. Christensen
An English epic poem that follows the exploits of Alfred the Great in his defense of Christian civilization in England from the heathen nihilism of the North. Following a string of defeats at the hands of the invading Danes, a vision from heaven in the river island of Athelney fills Alfred with joy and hope. Though it gives no promise of victory in the coming struggle, it inspires him to rally his chieftains for a last stand against the invading hordes. His adventures lead throughout the country as he gathers his men, and take him through the Danish camps disguised as a minstrel before culminating in the Battle of Ethandune and the prophesying of the enemy's subtle return in the ages to come. (Summary by Joshua B. Christensen)

This is Chesterton's Epic Poem, the last Epic Poem modernity has produced (depending on how you count). This is also one of the very few works Chesterton thought was of sufficient quality to dedicate to his wife. As Mark Shea says, "Check it thou out."

Whole ItemFormatSize
ballad_of_the_whitehorse_jbc_librivox_128kb.m3u128kbps M3UStream
ballad_of_the_whitehorse_jbc_librivox_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
ballad_of_the_whitehorse_jbc_librivox_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP53 MB

Audio Files


Ogg Vorbis

64Kbps MP3
00 - Prefatory Note & Dedication7.92 MB4.34 MB3.93 MB
01 - The Vision of the King11 MB6.02 MB5.53 MB
02 - The Gathering of the Chiefs11 MB5.88 MB5.37 MB
03 - The Harp of Alfred14 MB7.85 MB7.06 MB
04 - The Woman in the Forest12 MB6.56 MB5.83 MB
05 - Ethandune: The First Stroke11 MB6.22 MB5.53 MB
06 - Ethandune: The Slaying of the Chiefs11 MB6.02 MB5.46 MB
07 - Ethandune: The Last Charge14 MB7.47 MB6.76 MB
08 - The Scouring of the Horse14 MB7.85 MB7.18 MB

Wikipedia summary HERE
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There's a noticeable gap in American Catholic Apologetics with respect to Islam. Steve Kellmeyer, when he's not doing other apologetics tasks, is working to fill that gap. To date his is the best presentation on the topic I've heard. Do give it a listen.


by Steve Kellmeyer

Catholic Perspectives on Islam

By the way, if you like Steve Kellmeyer's talks (as I do), you can find more at his free site The God Pod.
I'm pretty sure I've posted these before, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for love stories. At their heart, every conversion story is a love story. The good part? When you listen to them you can't help but fall in love a little bit as well! Give these a listen and fall deeper in love with our Lord.

Alex Jones - Former Pentecostal
Bev Whelton - Former Seventh Day Adventist
Bruce Sullivan - Former Church of Christ Minister
David Curie - Former Fundamentalist
David Ulster - Former Non-Denominational Charistmatic Pastor
Jay and Gail Caress - Former Evangelicals
Jerry and Yolanda Cleffi - Former Assembly of God
Dr. John Haas - Former Anglican priest
Kenneth Howell - Former Presbyterian Theologian
Kimberly Hahn - Former Presbyterian
Larry Heimsoth - Former Lutheran Pastor
Mark Shea - Former Evangelical
Norm Dalgren - Former Lutheran
Steve Ray - Former Baptist
Thomas Smith - Former Mormon
Fr. John Corapi - Former Non-Practicing Catholic

I thought you might be interested in a great conversion story. It's of former atheist Jennifer Fulwiler from the blog Conversion Diary You can find it in the archives of Al Kresta's radio show at Ave Maria Radio. (HERE)

Thanks, Fred!!
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HT to long-time contributor Filipino Catholic:
Guys check out this link, it features talks of Bishop Sheen which you might not have heard before.

Listen especially to this one: The Demonic Today

God bless you all!

The Demonic Today
Cure for Selfishness
Human Passions
Inferiority Complex
Is A Woman An It?
Knowing and Loving
Meet a Perfect Stranger - Yourself
Of Course There Is Incompatibility
The Approach of Midnight
Should Parents Obey Their Children?
To Spank or Not to Spank
The Glory of the Soldier
What Holds Us Together?
The Rosary
What Did I Do to Deserve This?
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For a limited time only, Bridegroom Press is offering free MP3s!

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Long time friend of the show and content supplier Wild Bill Albrecht recently debated Turretinfan (a member of the Reformed Protestant camp and contributor at James White's Alpha & Omega Ministries site, home of the always disabled comments section) on the first and most significant Marian dogma: Mary the Mother of God. Check it thou out!

If it helps you to put a face to the name, here's a video Wild Bill made a couple years back:

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Pat Madrid, Catholic apologist extraordinaire, recently gave a talk about moral relativism. I know he knows his Bible and his Church history -- but philosophy? I've gotta' hear this!

Here's what he had to say:

Here's the audio of the talk on moral relativism I gave last Friday in Madison, Wisconsin, before a Catholic audience of approximately 450. It was held at the diocesan center in their super-plush auditorium. Thanks for having me up to speak!
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Last Thursday at Wheaton, two members of the First Things family, board member Timothy George and contributor Francis Beckwith, debated the question, “Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?” A video of the debate can be found here.

In “Evangelicals and the Great Tradition” (Aug/Sept 2007), George discusses Beckwith’s return to the Catholic faith of his childhood from evangelicalism. (Beckwith is a former president of the Evangelical Theological Society.)

(Via: via Joe Carter)

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Fr. John Larson Mic posted about the following shows on his Facebook page "Catholic Audio Dramas"

  • a radio adaptation of Going My Way, with Barry Fitzgerald but without Bing Crosby.

  • A radio adaption of the great movie Monsieur Vincent (life of St. Vincent de Paul) can be found at this link (24 from the bottom of the list).

You may be interested in some of the other classic novels listed that have been adapted for radio.

  • Vatican Radio has produced some audio dramas over the years. One is "To the Ends of the Earth." It was produced for the Pauline Year last year. You can still listen to the episodes if you have Real Player. Links to some of the episodes.

  • The Ave Maria Hour, a long-running series of radio dramas, is being released as podcasts on the Internet.

  • There is an audio adaptation of the famous movie Song of Bernadette provided at the following link. It is rather compressed and abridged, but if you know the movie, it will remind you of key scenes.
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MP3 Library of Meditations from Carmel Podcast

Meditations from Carmel MP3 files can be downloaded to your computer and loaded up onto your iPod or MP3 player.

St. John of the Cross

Ascent of Mt. Carmel - Book One Chapter 13, 12-13
Ascent of Mt. Carmel book II Chapter 5, 5-7
Sayings of Light and Love
Ascent of Mt Carmel Book One Chapter 13, 5-7
Ascent of Mt Carmel Book Three Chapter 6, 4
Ascent of Mt Carmel Book One Chapter 13, 11

St. Teresa of Avila

The Way of Perfection (Chapter 28.2)
The Book of Her Life - Ch. 22.7
Interior Castle Ch.1.7
The Way of Perfection Ch. 23
Interior Castle 1.1
The Book of Her Life 8.5-6
Way of Perfection 26.2-5
Way of Perfection 26.9
The Book of Her Life - Chapter 8.8
The Book of Her Life - Chapter 11.6
Meditation 1
Meditation 2
The Book of Her Life - Chapter 8.4
The Book of Her Life -- Chapter 11.9
The Way of Perfection Ch. 28
The Way of Perfection Ch. 32
Degrees of Infused Prayer
Spiritual Testimonies #59
Spiritual Testimonies #59.2
Interior Castle Chapter 2 1-4
The Way of Perfection - Forgiveness

St. Therese of Lisieux

Prayers and Meditations #1
Prayers and Meditations #2
Prayers and Meditations #3
Act of Oblation to Merciful Love
Story of a Soul Chapter 9
Story of a Soul - Ch.8
Love breeds Love
Interior Lights
Prayer to Obtain Humility
Infinite Beauty
Refresh Me
Mountain of Love

St. Teresa of the Andes

Letter 65 (aridity)
Letter 115 (crasy in love)
Letter 65 (ask you a question)
Letter 149 - God's Will
Letter 51 (cell)
Letter 51 - #2 (prays for sinners)
Letter 138 (Divine Office)
Meditation #2 -- (Jesus lives in my heart)
Letter 16 (sacrifice)
Letter 114 (God Alone)
"God the joy of my Life"
Letter 114 - (communion)
Letter 101 (everything for love)
Letter 96 (heart to heart)
Letter 112 (glacial coldness)
Letter 111 (God who is Love)
Letter 36 (recollected)
Letter 115 (to her mother)
Letter 109 (to Elisa Valdes Ossa)

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

Letter 8, Page 68
Chapter 2 Spiritual Maxims
Letter 3, Page 57
Letter 15
Letter 15, Page 71
Letter 9 page 69

St. Teresa Benedicta

Selected Verses from a Pentecost Novena
Solitary dialouge with God
Inner Life and Outer form and Action

St. Henry de Osso

"Identification with Jesus Christ"

Père Jacques Bunel

Conference 1
Conference 2
Conference 3
Conference 4

Sr. Miriam of the Holy Spirit

Garments of God

Sister Carmela of the Holy Spirit

reading 1
Make this my life!
#7 Truth and simplicity

Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew

Chapter IX (zeal for souls)
Chapter VII (Method of Prayer)
Chapter VI (Certain Trials)
Chapter II (Darkness)

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - Letter 129
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - Letter 156
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - Letter 184
Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity - prayer to the Holy Trinity
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - Letter 1273

Mother Isabel of the Sacred Heart

Chapter 41 Her life at Carmel
Giddy Depths
Love is God Himself

Blessed Mary of the Angels

Acts of Virtue

Blessed Françoise d’Amboise

Exhortations to her nuns
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Audio segments by Fr. Frank:

Why Contraception is Wrong:

[ReadAudio] or [MP3 Format: Listen or Download]

Teaching NFP and Stopping Abortion:

[RealAudio] or [MP3 Format part 1: Listen or Download and part 2: Listen or Download]

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I always enjoy the audio Tim points me to, so I'm definitely interested in the following:

Tom Riello interviews Bryan Cross on the topic of his recent article on Ecclesial Deism. Also in this episode, Bryan briefly discusses the visiblility of the Church and the necessity of the Petrine ministry.

Reformation meets Rome

To download the mp3, right-click here.

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Fellow domer and professional Catholic Michael Voris is at it again -- Season 6 of The One True Faith is now online! This is a no-holds-barred approach to explaining the faith, and not for the faint of heart.

Without further ado (HT: Dave)...

The One True Faith Podcasts

The One True Faith is Saint Michael's Media's weekly television program which showcases the truths of the Catholic faith in a lively and exciting manner, presented by multiple Emmy-award winner Michael Voris. Michael tackles a single topic each week, explaining the Catholic faith in an exciting and engaging manner.

We have made episodes of The One True Faith available as Podcasts. Click the links below to play the Podcasts, or right-click and select "Save As" to download them to your computer. In addition to podcasts of The One True Faith we have a number of other podcasts

Season Six

RSS feed for The One True Faith Podcast

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HT reader Karlton...

The site gives away free audiobooks each month. Usually, it's a Protestant mishmash of varying quality -- I've downloaded before with mixed results. This month, however, the free audio is Dante. Go, register, listen. Worth it the price of free admission.
Last month at christianaudio was Crazy and this month promises to be Divine! For the month of August, you can get a free download of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri!

The Divine Comedy is a true literary classic. Dante's poetic masterpiece is a moving human drama. An unforgettable visionary journey through the infinite torment of Hell, up the arduous slopes of Purgatory, and on to the glorious realm of Paradise - the sphere of universal harmony and eternal salvation.

Pam Ward narrates warmly and thoughtfully as she clearly and capably walks the listener through the unfolding drama.

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HT - Liz:
Listen to the historic webcast replay

On Thursday, July 23, more than 70 pro-life and pro-family organizations united for a massive webcast event to directly address these challenges and mobilize grassroots activists.

An unprecedented 36,187 people of faith and conscience participated in the event, making it the largest pro-life web event in history -- underscoring the urgency of the abortion mandate crisis.

As you listen to the recording of the event, you'll hear from a "who's who" of respected leaders:

  • DR. JAMES DOBSON, Focus on the Family
  • DR. CHARMAINE YOEST, Americans United for Life
  • FR. FRANK PAVONE, Priests for Life
  • TONY PERKINS, Family Research Council
  • MARJORIE DANNENFELSER, Susan B. Anthony List
  • DOUGLAS JOHNSON, National Right to Life Committee
  • WENDY WRIGHT, Concerned Women for America
  • TOM MINNERY, Focus on the Family
  • KRISTEN DAY, Democrats for Life
  • DR. RICHARD LAND, Southern Baptist Convention ERLC
  • KRISTAN HAWKINS, Students for Life of America
  • PEGGY HARTSHORN, Heartbeat International
  • JIM SEDLAK, American Life League/STOPP
  • DAY GARDNER, National Black Pro-Life Union
  • BISHOP HARRY JACKSON, High Impact Leadership Coalition
  • CARMEN PATE, Point of View Radio Show
  • DAVID BEREIT, 40 Days for Life

Listen online now by clicking the play button below:

Download MP3 audio file to listen on your iPod or computer (20 MB)
Download high-quality MP3 audio to burn to CDs and share with others (102 MB)

How YOU can make a difference:

1. Pray

2. E-mail and write letters to your Representative and two Senators

3. Call the offices of your Representative and two Senators

4. Spread the word to everyone you know

5. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper

By doing these 5 simple things, you can help make a powerful difference -- that could stop this abortion mandate. ACT NOW!

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Reader Dave, who has sent in some pretty darn good recommendations in the past, sent in the following e-mail:

I have a suggestion for a talk on the mass by Fr. John Riccardo in 2008. This one is more of a big picture approach to the spiritual realities that occur during mass and the attitudes we should bring with us to Church. I would also recommend the book "What Happens At Mass" that Fr mentions.
"What Happens At Mass"
Take care,
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For the kids:

Steubenville South 2009

The 15th annual Steubenville South Catholic Youth Conference was held on June 26-28 2009 in Alexandria LA. Here you will be able to listen and download the talks and homilies given throughout the weekend. You will also find more information about the speakers in the speakers section. You can listen here or get the talks through iTunes by clicking the link on the right.

Keynote: “Choosing Christ” – Mark Hart

This powerful and engaging talk was centered around choosing to pickup our crosses and following Christ. It is a radical choice that will cost something but in light of what we receive, it is nothing.

Catechism and Scripture References:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2466, 2053, 520, 1816, 932, 618, 1709, 546, 1036
Scripture: Matthew 10:37-38, Matthew 16:24, Mark 1:17-18, Mark 8:38, Romans 1:16, 2 Timothy 1:8

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Keynote: “Rooted in Christ” – Shannon Deitz

Shannon’s Sunday morning keynote led the teens into a time of prayer and reflection, introducing and guiding them through Lectio Divina.

Catechism and Scripture References:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2708,2715,2612,2669,2601,1824,2719,2711,787,2700,2654,921,1995,2074,2701,2725,2709,2697,2564
Scripture: Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35, Mark 6:46, Luke 11:1-6, Romans 12:12, John 15:4-9, Ephesians 6:18, Philippians 3:8

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Saturday Homily: “Jesus is the Lamb of God” – Fr. Jose Robles-Sanchez

The purpose of this homily was to highlight the role Christ plays in our salvation as the Lamb of God, to encourage the young people to move past a “What Would Jesus Do?” spirituality and move into a true relationship with Christ and to avoid temptations by saying “Adios Baby”

Catechism and Scripture References:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 617, 603, 1339, 602, 1367
Scripture: John 1:29, 1 Peter 1:18, 1 Timothy 2:6, Mark 10:45

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Sunday Homily: “Living the Lordship of Jesus” – Bishop Ronald Herzog

In Bishop Herzog’s homily, he encouraged and challenged th teens to live under the Lordship of Jesus. To help them understand God’s authority, but also his protection and care that comes from submitting their lives to Him everyday.

Catechism and Scripture References:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 450, 304, 648, 1216, 144, 1269, 2097, 1995, 2280, 1900, 2046, 901
Scrpiture: Romans 5:19, John 3:36, Romans 6:16, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Romans 8:7, Romans 10:3, James 4:7

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Workshop: “Making Godly Decisions” – Mary Bielski

This workshop was to provide a basic foundation for determining right and wrong and some practical skills to help young people choose holiness and God’s will.

Catechism and Scripture References:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2343, 1696, 1728, 1777, 2826, 1787
Scripture: Matthew 7:7, Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:17, 1 Peter 1:22, 1 Peter 4:17

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Workshop: “Mary and the Saints” – Melea Walden

This workshop was to help teens not only discover the role Saints and Mary can play in their faith lives, but to give them practical tools for developing devotions to these saints.

Catechism and Scripture Reference:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2030, 956, 2683, 828, 2675-2679, 948, 957, 1475, 962, 721
Scripture: Revelation 3:16, 1 Corinthians 11:1, Ephesians 4:11-12, 3 John 1:11, Hebrews 6:11-12

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Workshop: “Living Justice/Living Mercy” – Shannon Deitz

Shannon presented a workshop designed to help teens understand the Church’s call to love and serve the poor and to give them practical tips to put this service into practice on a local level.

Catechism and Scripture References:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1033, 1825, 2405, 2443-2449, 1929, 2832, 1889, 1397, 2053, 2820
Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46, Matthew 19:21, Matthew 20:25-27

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Workshop: “Vocations: The Path to Holiness” – Fr. Darrin Merlino

In this workshop, Fr. Darrin inspired and challenged the young people to embrace the universal vocation of love and holiness that is each of theirs through Baptism. And as they immerse themselves in this vocation, they will be more disposed to hear the call of God to the religious or married life.

Scripture and Catechism Reference:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1877, 44, 2392, 2085, 2232, 2030, 784, 1603, 2820, 1642, 2331, 826
Scripture: Matthew 9:1, Matthew 4:17-20, Mark 6:7, Luke 6:12-16, Romans 1:1,6-7, 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Workshop: “The Mass – The Power and Presence of God” – Mark Hart

This workshop given by Mark Hart was designed to reinforce in the minds and hearts of the teens that in the Mass, no matter where they are, Jesus is there – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. To challenge them to prepare their hearts and minds to give and receive as much as possible during the Mass.

Scripture and Catechism References
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1374, 1358, 2827, 1324, 1325, 1365-1367, 1394
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:20, John 6:1-6, Revelation 19:7-9, Matthew 26:26-29, Luke 24:35

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Workshop: “Exposing Lies” – Bob Lesnefsky

This is a talk given by Bob Lesnefsky that focuses on helping teens understand the lies that permeate youth culture, to give them tools to help them see through the lies, and to expose the lies that might be already infecting their thoughts and hearts.

Scripture and Catechism Reference:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2852, 2484, 392, 2486, 2483, 2847, 844, 2470, 1954, 215, 2466, 2468, 2500
Scripture: Hebrews 4:12, John 14:6, 1 Timothy 3:15, 1 John: 5:7, John 8:44, Romans 1:25, Colossians 3:9

Standard Podcast: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

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