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LibriVox recording of The Ballad of the White Horse by G.K. Chesterton. Read by Joshua B. Christensen
An English epic poem that follows the exploits of Alfred the Great in his defense of Christian civilization in England from the heathen nihilism of the North. Following a string of defeats at the hands of the invading Danes, a vision from heaven in the river island of Athelney fills Alfred with joy and hope. Though it gives no promise of victory in the coming struggle, it inspires him to rally his chieftains for a last stand against the invading hordes. His adventures lead throughout the country as he gathers his men, and take him through the Danish camps disguised as a minstrel before culminating in the Battle of Ethandune and the prophesying of the enemy's subtle return in the ages to come. (Summary by Joshua B. Christensen)

This is Chesterton's Epic Poem, the last Epic Poem modernity has produced (depending on how you count). This is also one of the very few works Chesterton thought was of sufficient quality to dedicate to his wife. As Mark Shea says, "Check it thou out."

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ballad_of_the_whitehorse_jbc_librivox_128kb.m3u128kbps M3UStream
ballad_of_the_whitehorse_jbc_librivox_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
ballad_of_the_whitehorse_jbc_librivox_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP53 MB

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00 - Prefatory Note & Dedication7.92 MB4.34 MB3.93 MB
01 - The Vision of the King11 MB6.02 MB5.53 MB
02 - The Gathering of the Chiefs11 MB5.88 MB5.37 MB
03 - The Harp of Alfred14 MB7.85 MB7.06 MB
04 - The Woman in the Forest12 MB6.56 MB5.83 MB
05 - Ethandune: The First Stroke11 MB6.22 MB5.53 MB
06 - Ethandune: The Slaying of the Chiefs11 MB6.02 MB5.46 MB
07 - Ethandune: The Last Charge14 MB7.47 MB6.76 MB
08 - The Scouring of the Horse14 MB7.85 MB7.18 MB

Wikipedia summary HERE
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