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Just FYI, there are some free e-books and MP3s up over at Bridegroom Press on some rather diverse topics. Presently, they have a few on Islam, a couple on the Da Vinci Code and several Theology of the Body lectures.

That is all.
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I don't know anything about her, but since I found her on the Semper Vita blog I'm positive she'll be top-notch (since the blog offers little else). Also speaking at the conference was Fr. Fessio - so that's another big assurance it will be worth listening to. Here are some links from an Australian student conference:

Fr. Greg Jordan Introductory Remarks: Fr. Gregory Jordan SJ (50min, 12MB)

Fr. Jo Fessio The Papacy of Benedict the XVI: Fr. Joseph Fessio (90min, 20MB)

Dr. Tracey Rowland The Liturgical Ideas of Benedict XVI: Dr. Tracey Rowland (60min, 15MB)

Joanne Grainger ACTIV8 Students! World Youth Day Forum with Q+A (60min, 15MB)

Fr. Jo Fessio Question and Answer Session with Fr. Joseph Fessio (60min, 15MB)

Salvatore Catholics and the Media: Salvatore Scevola (50min, 12MB)
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Jeff Miller, aka the Curt Jester, sat down with Adam from the Mother of God podcast. Here's part one:


Here's part two:
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Two readers (thanks Dominic and Chris!) sent in links to audio archives - both with variously questionable content. The first is from Boston College and includes some talks by "Voice of the Faithful" (read: Heretical Horribles) folks, among other speakers of varying levels of orthodoxy. The second archive has talks by Protestants (and maybe some Catholics?) about religion, secular culture, public policy and science.

Make of them what you will, but they're expansive and here they are:

The Boston College Front Row archive

The Faraday Institute Archive
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Here are some audio files about the Protestant notions regarding the Rapture, courtesy of Deep in Scripture Radio:August 13th , 2008.

Listen in MP3 format ( app. 50 meg) MP3 Archive

Resource Special "Rapture" by David Currie


August 6th , 2008. Guest David Currie

Listen in MP3 format ( app. 50 meg) MP3 Archive

Resource Special "Rapture" by David Currie

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From the USCCB (via reader Wayne) come the Social Justice teachings of the Church:
Father Larry Rice is the Director of the St. Thomas More Newman Center, the center for Catholic Campus Ministry at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. His work at the OSU Newman Center includes responsibility for the overall mission and vision of the Center’s staff of 16 and the campus’ Catholic community, and maintaining a professional focus on ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. Since 2000, Fr. Rice has been a weekly contributor to Catholic Radio Weekly (, the flagship radio program of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Fr. Rice earned a Masters of Divinity from the Catholic University of America (1989), and a B.A. in General Arts and Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University (1983). He entered the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle (the Paulist Fathers) in 1983, and was ordained a priest in 1989.
  1. Option for the Poor
  2. Peace and Disarmament
  3. Political Participation
  4. Role of Government
  5. Social Justice
  6. Stewardship of Creation
  7. Common Good
  8. Dignity of the Human Person
  9. Economic Justice
  10. Global Solidarity
  11. Individual's Rights
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From AmPap:
If you haven't yet signed the petition to support USD's correct decision, please consider doing so. If you have, tell a friend. It only takes a few seconds and requires an email address (no spam I promise).

I promote this not only because it's a good cause in itself, but also because I'd like to see the online Catholic community become better organized when it comes to petitions like these. They do make a difference.

Today, LifeSiteNews joined the news organizations which have mentioned our efforts:

Although the Catholic University of San Diego (USD) came under fire for reversing their decision to appoint a radical feminist to an honorary chair in Theology, it has stood firm, and now two opposing petitions either supporting or attacking the decision are gathering support.

Thomas Peters of American Papist, with fellow blogger Brian McDaniel of the Ora et Labora blog, has organized a petition to support the University in its decision.

Previous AmP coverage of this story here.
Thanks in advance for your two minutes!
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Much thanks to reader Karlton for informing me of his post here about the free professional Audiobook giveaway. I've downloaded their free audiobooks before (but I haven't in a while since it's mostly Protestant stuff) and they really are top notch. THIS OFFER EXPIRES AT THE END OF AUGUST, so get moving!

Here's Karlton's scoop:

Every month, ChristianAudio gives away a premium audiobook download for free. The free download for month of August is The Confessions of Saint Augustine, narrated by Simon Vance.

Among the most important classics in Western literature and one of the first autobiographies ever, Confessions is a “warts and all” account of Saint Augustine’s uncertainty and earthly desires. He recounts how he discovers and cherishes a relationship with his God as the last corrupt days of the Roman Empire come to a close.

The audiobook is narrated by Simon Vance, one of the most celebrated narrators today who has over 400 audiobooks under his belt. The translation is as accessible as any 4th century book I’ve read (seriously, it’s quite good).

Downloading the audiobook was simple and quick. I got to choose between mp3 and m4p, and the audiobook comes in 10 files of approximately 70 minutes each. The sound is crisp and clear, and I must confess: I’m highly impressed.

Again - GO GET IT! Even if you're not going to listen to it for a while, you're not going to get it free again!
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How could you not love a post where I give you MP3s from these giants?!?

From the Deep in Scripture podcast:

April 30th , 2008. Guest: Steve Ray, “Verses I Never Saw” (PDF)

Listen in MP3 format ( app. 50 meg) MP3 Archive

Resource Special “Crossing the Tiber,” by Steve Ray


April 23th , 2008 Ephesians 5:21 & 33 Pt.2 (PDF)

Listen in MP3 format ( app. 50 meg) MP3 Archive

Resource Special "First Comes Love" by Scott Hahn

January 23rd, 2008 Ephesians 4:22- 24 (PDF)

Listen in MP3 format ( app. 50 meg) MP3 Archive

Resource Special
“Life-Giving Love,” by Kimberly Hahn

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...a bit about my political philosophy. Don't bother reading if you're easily offended or simply aren't interested in my personal views.

Got an e-mail from a very nice gentleman, who wrote (in relevant part):

[T]oday [on your site] I saw something that shocked me and rocked me.
I know you have served in the military.
And I mean no disrespect.
But when I saw the John McCain ad on your website my stomach turned.
I could never vote for Obama. I could never, for very similar reasons, vote for McCain.
To place an ad on your website presenting McCain as a candidate preferable to Obama tells me that you've fallen prey to the very type of bad thinking that your web links do so much to combat.
This, I imagine, is due to the "Lose the Zero" pic on the left-hand sidebar. Couple of points about that:
  1. McCain and I went to the same school - Canoe U. That being the case, the guy starts pretty high with me. You don't leave Boat School without having some intestinal fortitude, discipline and honor unfortunately not-so-common in our time, and obviously lacking in the O-hole who is the Chosen One of the party of Moloch.
  2. I'm rather underwhelmed with him as a choice for President. I liked him far more than Bush in 2000, but that was 8 years ago and a lot has changed since then (including me). I don't like him being divorced, I don't like his ESCR support, I don't like his position on "civil unions" for Sodomites or condoms as AIDS prevention, I'm willing to bet he tells misogynist jokes and I don't think he knows a fig about economics (which, given the current state of the union, could be very important from a social justice perspective).
  3. Assuming the war was justified ab initio (a proposition you'd have some work justifying - and I was privy to much intel), we should have gone in at the beginning with an overwhelming force - the surge is/was the right answer, but was so ridiculously late in the game that only an idiot would think it's the wrong thing. Obama is that kind of idiot, and I'm terrified of the prospect of his being Commander in Chief.
  4. While I'm not dumb enough to think that McCain actually cares about pro-life issues, I'm relatively certain he won't actively work to enshrine baby killing (unlike Obama). That becomes especially important when it comes to picking SCOTUS judges - and that's going to be a very common occurrence over the next four years. Oh, the lip-service thing goes double for whatever token nod he's made about supporting Bush's torture thing.
  5. If McCain picks a pro-abortion VP, I'm going to have some serious issues to consider. I don't want the Republicans thinking they can win with pro-abort candidates, and heaven forbid McCain win and then die leaving a pro-abort in office...
So, anyway, that pretty much describes my current views. If you disagree, feel free to let me know in the combox and I promise to listen with an open mind. Unless you're an O-hole.
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Back at ya' following a pleasant vacation with a nice surprise - a new conference featuring some spectacular speakers. Because conferences and bandwith and whatnot entails various costs, I'm also including their PayPal link (don't be confused - it's for them and not me! I have no need for your moneys. Heh.). If you like what you hear, please do consider shooting them a couple of bucks - you're supposed to be tithing anyway. ;0)

Listen to the Conference

Play the Janet Smith Talk

Play the Christopher Kaczor Talk
Download Christopher Kaczor's Powerpoint Presentation

Play the Joel Barstad Talk

Play the Mary Davenport Talk

Suggested Donation - $5

Donate through PayPal.

Donations go to St. Anthony of Padua Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to help offset the cost of the conference. Your entire donation is tax-deductible.

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I'm taking the wife and kids on vacation for a week to Wally World. See ya' when I get back. If you need more Catholic audio between now and then, start by listening to anything/everything by Peter Kreeft. He'll blow your hair back. If you've already gone through all his stuff (or like me, gone through it all several times), you should try Fr. Hudgins, and particularly his lectures on the Doctors of the Church - truly edifying stuff. Finally, if you've gone through all that, too, be sure to check out St. Martha's in Kingwood, TX -- they continually develop their site making it far more user friendly and are constantly adding new mp3 lectures.

So...ok, then. Take care, and I'll see you folks in a week or so. God Bless!
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Kate from Holy Innocents parish in the UK was kind enough to point me to Fr. Cantalamessa's talks - thanks much!

It's help like this which lets me continue to post even when I'm short on time. Since I expect to be short on time quite a bit in the near future, I'd encourage any and all of you who find free MP3s in your browsing to shoot me a quick e-mail and share them with the rest of the class.

In any case, do enjoy!

Raniero Cantalamessa is a Franciscan Capuchin Catholic Priest. Born in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, 22 July 1934, ordained priest in 1958. Divinity Doctor and Doctor in classical literature. Former Ordinary Professor of History of Ancient Christianity and Director of the Department of religious sciences at the Catholic University of Milan. Member of the International Theological Commission (1975-1981).

In 1979 he resigned his teaching position to become a full time preacher of the Gospel. In 1980 he was appointed by Pope John Paul II Preacher to the Papal Household in which capacity he still serves, preaching a weekly sermon in Advent and Lent in the presence of the Pope, the cardinals, bishops an prelates of the Roman Curia and the general superiors of religious orders. He is frequently invited to speak at international and ecumenical conferences and rallies. [More...]
The Go's of the Bible Part.1 by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa
The Go's of the Bible Part.2 by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa
The Go's of the Bible Part.3 by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa

“Sober Intoxication of the Spirit”

The Content of Christian Preaching
19.02.2007 - Last 19 and 20 February I had the privilege of being invited to give two lectures on how to preach the Word to the Methodist Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. Here is the first lecture.
File type: mp3 - Language: English
Play (20 MB)

The Style of Christian Preaching
20.02.2007 - Last 19 and 20 February I had the privilege of being invited to give two lectures on how to preach the Word to the Methodist Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. Here is the second lecture.
File type: mp3 - Language: English
Play (15 MB)

The repentance
20.02.2007 - Last 19 and 20 February I had the privilege of being invited to give two lectures on how to preach the Word and some other talks to the Methodist Asbury Seminary in Kentucky.Here is a talk on repentance.
File type: mp3 - Language: English
Play (15 MB)
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There's waaaaay too much estrogen floating around the Catholic blog-o-sphere right now. For example:
So yeah. I need a break from all that womanly business.

My solution? A non-Catholic site called...

Go check out the post The Awesome Dad Cheat Sheet: 18 Fatherhood Tips They Should’ve Handed Out at the Delivery Room. Then man up and do them...after giving yourself a good scratch, naturally. Oh, and maybe browsing the site for some good manly stuff like how to shine your shoes or where the nearest barber shop is.

Since this is an audio blog, here's a link to my old Man-to-Man Catholic Conference post. Go get some testosterone.

UPDATE: If, like me, you need a serious shot of Catholic testosterone, do check out Blowing San #1 -- it will be the most manly thing you do all day.
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Here's some stuff I've been checking out while not blogging. First, there are a couple of talking heads discussing sex selective abortion at the NYTimes:

The older, battle-worn feminist apparently hasn't considered the downside of unfettered "choice"...when you say no one can judge a woman's reasons for an abortion, that includes the unbelievably insidious form of discrimination which is sex selective abortion -- against abortion victims, the maternal survivors, and the generational compatriots of those women aborted. More proof that abortion hurts everyone and it's never just a "private thing".

Will the lesson be learned? Not yet. Maybe in 40 years when we have childbrides, increased prostitution, and no women left in the workforce because they're all forced to be at home in a one-size-fits-all matriarchal mold, which is more or less the supply-and-demand answer to fewer women.

Speaking of the self-imposed discrimination against women which is the Feminist Movement, I've also been reading The Pornification of Girlhood. It's a must read for anyone who even considers the notion that feminism has been good for the modern woman. It's long, but completely worth the read. For those still interested after that read, do follow Genevieve's blog Feminine Genius, wherein authentic femininity is explored.

So that's about what I've been up to. I've also been talking with the Building Cathedrals gals about some web design stuff -- good folks, them. A bunch of Princeton educated mommies who are faithful to the Church makes for a blog well worth reading.

Ok. Enough women stuff.

Lessee....what else...

Oh, for those interested in Sacred Music, you might check out the mean Robert Parsons Project. Here are some samples from there:
Iam Christus astra ascenderat [4.3MB, MP3]
Credo quod redemptor meus vivit [2.6MB, MP3]
Peccantem me quotidie [2.9MB, MP3]
Libera me, Domine [5.1MB, MP3]
Magnificat [10.7MB, MP3]
Domine quis habitabit [2.9MB, MP3]
Retribue servo tuo [4.3MB, MP3]
O Bone Jesu [9.3MB, MP3]
Ave Maria [4.3MB, MP3]

For more free tunes, you might also check out this site - Persona Grata.

(3,84 MB) Duet: "Stabat Mater dolorosa" (Adagio)
(2,16 MB) Aria: "Cuius animam gementem" (Moderato e dolce)
(2,86 MB) Aria: "O quam tristis et afflicta" (Poco andante)
(3,76 MB) Aria: "Duet: Quae maerebat et dolebat" (Adagio)
(2,03 MB) Duet: "Quis est homo" (Andante)
(2,61 MB) Aria: "Quis non poset" (Andantino)
(2,42 MB) Aria: "Pro pecatis" (Moderato)
(1,76 MB) Duet: "Vidit suum dulcem natum" (Moderato)
(2,86 MB) Aria: "Eia, mater, fons amoris" (Andantino)
(2,81 MB) Aria: "Sancta mater, istud agas" (Andante Moderato)
(2,18 MB) Aria: "Fac ut ardeat cor meum"
(4,22 MB) Duet: "Tui nati vulnerati" (Adagio)
(2,15 MB) Aria: "Fac me vere tecum flere" (Andante smorzato)
(1,70 MB) Aria: "Virgo virginum"
(1,68 MB) Recytatyw: "Fac, ut portem Christi mortem" (Adagio e piano)
(2,08 MB) Aria: "Inflammatus et accensus" (Andantino)
(1,30 MB) Recytatyw: "Fac me cruce custodiri" (Largo)
(4,30 MB) Duet: "Quando corpus morietur" (Adagio e piano) - Amen (Allegro)

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Found here.
The session on Catholic Core Theology was taught by Cynthia Fischer, who serves as DRE at St. Patrick Parish in Lodi and St. Michael Parish in Dane. Cindy is also Coordinator of Curriculum and Catechist Development for the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis of the diocese.

Class Notes
Cindy used this PowerPoint file for her presentation: Catholic Core Theology

Audio Recordings (.wma format)
Due to the generosity of David Stiennon and the Madison Serra Club, audio recordings of this day's activities are available here. If you would like to purchase a copy of this four-CD audio set for $20, please call the OEC at 608-821-3160.

Welcome, Apologetics (16:04) (slides 1-9)
Apologists, Catholic Attitudes (8:15) (slides 10-14)
Principle Truths of Faith, Creeds (20:15) (slides 15-24)
Jesus: True God and True Man (31:05) (slides 25-37)

Trinity, Real Presence (35:00) (slides 38-48)
Apostolic Authority (16:20) (slides 49-51)
Catholics and the Bible (13:20) (slides 52-57)

Mary, Communion of Saints (43:33) (slides 58-72)
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory (13:50) (slides 73-78)

Favorite Apologetic Resources (35:50)

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