Several folks, including Tim Staples & Mark Shea, gave some talks at Christendom College a year or two ago.  Christendom College put it on iTunes!

Here's THE LINK to iTunes. 

Tim Staples' talk is St. Paul and Justification.

Mark Shea's talk is St. Paul, Evangelization, and Apologetics.

The others were alright, but these were definitely the highlights.

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...created an app you probably heard about: Confession - A Roman Catholic App.  It got mad press, including coverage on Good Morning, America, Instapundit, Fr. Z, Drudge, and even a Vatican statement. 

Long story short, he's at it again.  This time the apps are called eVotions:
He has apps for the two Saints and the Blessed pictured above.  He gave me copies of them to review.  Quick run-down:
  • Eye-popping high-res pics / photos
  • Prayers
  • Novenas
  • Novena alarms that remind you to pray every day
  • Facts about the persons
  • Introductions by Dr. Scott Hahn, Archbishop Chaput, and Lisa Hendey (respectively)
The JPII app is free, so go get your fix while coming down from last weekend's beatification.  The other two are worth the nominal fee, if for no other reason than you're supporting a fantastic reclamation of the intarwebs. 

I've been complaining for a while that we don't have any more great Catholic artists or architects.  Albeit in a different medium, this is a significant step in the right direction.  Support the arts and get cyber-holy all at once.  Go to the iTunes App Store and pick up the eVotions for St. Joseph, St. Gianna, and Bl. John Paul II.

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