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Long time friend of the show, Dave, wrote in with the following tip:

Hi Ryan,

Anticipating the upcoming changes in translation of the Roman Missal, Fr John Riccardo held a 4 day mission with the goal of initiating a journey toward a greater understanding of the spiritual realities that occur during Mass. The focus then centers on the Eucharist.

From Sunday, March 13th, through Wednesday, March 16th, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish is conducting a parish mission titled Do This in Remembrance of Me. Fr. Riccardo is presenting evening sessions each night beginning at 7 PM. This is Fr. John's presentation from the Sunday evening session. His bibliography for the parish mission is available for download. 
The talks:

Take care,

I gave it a listen and it's good -- just make sure you're aware that the talks aren't about the new translation of the missal.  They're about the Eucharist.  So now that you know...enjoy!
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The Rosary in Portuguese.  No need to elaborate.
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Matt Fradd from The Porn Effect has a new talk.  From his site:

Listen to my new talk: Taking Down Goliath. In the first part I share my story of being exposed to porn at a young age, falling into the habit and how byrubens_david_goliathGod's grace began to find healing and freedom. In the second part I offer 5 practical strategies, or as I like to call them, 5 smooth stones to take down your Goliath. Give it a listen and pass it on!
Part 1
Download the mp3
Part 2
Download the mp3

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