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These talks have been a long time coming. A reader wrote me some time ago and asked if I would host some MP3s. I told her that I didn't host things (I only link) but I would be happy to link if/when she could find a host site. Well...she did. Here are the fruits of her labor, hosted by ProEcclesia.

Recordings of four Retreats by the English Jesuit Fr. Bernard Basset S.J.
These next four collections were donated by Janet Selby of Newark, Ohio. They download as separate .mp3 tracks relating to the cassettes on which they were recorded.
Fr.Basset S.J. A Parliament of Saints:
1A Without which you will not see The Lord - Hebrews 12
1B If the Prophet had commanded you - 2 Kings 5
2A Light from light - the Nicene Creed
2B Go down to the potter's house - Jeremiah 18
3A Look, there is the lamb of God - John 1
3B I will obey your statutes - Psalm 119
4A A stranger in your own house - Utopia, Thomas More
4B We have become a spectacle - 1 Corinthians 4

Fr.Basset S.J. A Week-end with Cardinal Newman:
1A Welcome to our Retreat
1B One step enough for me
2A Can you speak the language?
2B Garbage in - garbage out
3A See but One in All Things
3B Keeping up with the Joneses
4A Conscience makes cowards of us all
4B The long search
5A Most sure in all His ways
5B The humiliation of the Eternal Son
6A Next witness please
6B Put away the things of a child
7A Growth the only evidence of life
7B Show me the way to go home

Fr.Basset S.J. A Week-end with St. Sir Thomas More:
1A How to make the Thomas More Retreat - new school of thought
1B All the world's a stage
2A He was his own master
2B A stranger in his own house
3A Wonder is the basis of worship
3B Here I sit
4A The King's good servant - but God's first (part 1)
4B The King's good servant - but God's first (part 2).


Fr.Basset S.J. From the bicentennial to the tricentennial - Beginnings of the Faith in the New World :
1A An Englishman reflects on the American bicentennial
1B Collapse of Catholicism in England - Faith of St Thomas
2A From London to Chesapeake Bay
2B Why an indian Emporer changed his name to Charlie
3A Priests on horseback - to Mass by rowing boat
3B Two bishops in the same boat (ecumenism)
4A Mother Seton - the first American saint
4B A boy called John Carroll

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Even though Advent is just starting, here's a piece from Holy Week last:

Mary, the Bread of Life, and the Mystery of Holy Saturday

This meditation was given during the Triduum retreat for the RCIA Hollywood program:

text version

MP3 audio version (11 minutes)
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Karen Hall pointed me to the following post (with free audio at the end):
The Hollywood Project
There's an initiative underway to provide a comprehensive pastoral plan for the Church in Hollywood. Currently headed up by Fr. Don Woznicki, a priest of the archdiocese of Chicago, this plan could significantly re-shape the forms of ministry and support that the Church provides to the entertainment industry. From the mission statement:
The Hollywood Project is a five-phase plan to establish a dedicated, committed, and resourceful presence of the universal Church in Los Angeles, California, to support the people of the entertainment industry in their special calling to bring truth, beauty, and goodness to the human race.
I've known Fr. Don since 2002. He was the catalyst behind Cardinal George's invitation for Barbara Nicolosi to bring the the Act One: Writing for Hollywood program to Chicago that year. I attended that program, which ultimately led me to move to Hollywood a year later to pursue an interest in screenwriting and to serve in various pastoral outreaches, including a Theology of the Body study group and the RCIA Hollywood program.

At any rate, after many months of preliminary planning, there's information about The Hollywood Project online. There's a blog, a Facebook group, and I've also posted an audio podcast from a recent presentation Fr. Don gave at Saint Victor's Catholic Church in West Hollywood:

I encourage you to support this spiritual endeavor at the service of artists here in Los Angeles.
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Pat Madrid is an inspiring guy despite his reserved manner. In addition to his ceaseless work in other areas, he also puts out Envoy Magazine. On his site you can buy some of Dr. Kreeft's lectures that I can't find elsewhere - Envoy E-Store Peter Kreeft Link.


If you're looking to support a good man doing good work (and maybe learn something in the process), you can buy some of Pat Madrid's mp3s here.


I got the following e-mail:

Hey Everybody!

Big News from the Envoy Institute! The Envoy Institute is a project of my pal Patrick Madrid and the great orthodox Catholic college, Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. Both deserve your support! The first thing is that I’m doing some work for them which is a good thing, second is a great offer for all you Catholic web blasters and bloggers out there.

Such a deal! Below are the codes for Website/Blog banners, one vertical and one horizontal. The banner acts as a live, clickable, hyperlink to exciting events at Envoy. Choose the one that fits best on your site, post it and let us know, and you will receive a free subscription to Envoy magazine if you are in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. If you are are elsewhere in the world you will receive a free subscription to the PDF version of Envoy sent to you by email.

Here’s how it works: The 1-year subscription is predicated on leaving one of our banners up on the main page of your site/blog (the more prominently displayed the better, of course) for a year. We will be happy to renew that subscription if you will renew running a banner for another year, etc.

Don’t delay! From time to time you will receive new timely banners to help support the great work of Envoy and the Envoy Institute in modern day and much needed Catholic apologetics and evangelization! Remember Pat Madrid is the guy who said Pete Vere’s fez was nifty!

Please spread the word around the world, that means you in the UK, New Zealand, Oz (Australia), and the Philippines! Everywhere in the English speaking world.

See it on my site (the banner, not the fez), at

I do ask that if you do place the banner (and who wouldn’t?) that you drop me an email to ensure you get your subscription with a link and so we can admire it! Obviously, you are welcome to post more than one banner if you would like to help us. It would also be great if you added a text link to Envoy Magazine ( <> ) and/or the Envoy Institute ( <> ) in the text links section of your site or blog

God bless & Thanks!
John Mallon

Here’s the code:


|a href=""> src="
" alt="Summer Conference" width="220" height="350" border="0">


|a href="">" alt="Summer Conference DVDs" width="728" height="90" border="0">
...oh, and you'll need to replace the "|" symbol with "<" and ">" (depending on if it's at the start or end, respectively, of the segment of code). I had to replace the carrots to get the code to display correctly. If that doesn't work, go here and get the code for the EnvoyInstitute banners.
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The following MP3s are from the good folks at St. Martha's in Kingwood, TX. If you're looking for more Advent audio, do check out my Advent tag.

Advent & Sacramentals


Linda Sarman

Advent of the Messiah by Jeff Crandall

1 - The Messiah in the Old Testament


Jeff Crandall


2 - The First Coming


Jeff Crandall


3a - The Second Coming


Jeff Crandall


3b - The Second Coming


Jeff Crandall


4 - The Perpetual Coming


Jeff Crandall


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Just a quick thought...

National security is kinda' important.

Energy independence is kinda' important.

Greenhouse gas emission control is kinda' important.

Capitalism is kinda' important for Americans who still believe in this whole 'America' concept.

Why not combine all of the above and double whatever bailout package the automakers are asking for on the contingent basis that they put on the road an affordable plug-in hybrid capable of getting 60+ miles on electric alone by 2010? If they fail, we liquidate them...which leaves them in the same position they'd be in a month from now if we did nothing.

That way there's still no such thing as a free lunch in America, aspiring socialists notwithstanding, and we can still move forward on a few of the things Americans actually wanted out of B. Hussein Obama.
Found at the Catholic Answers Forums:

These talks are part of a lecture series delivered by Fr. Joseph Shetler, STL, the associate pastor of St. Joseph Cathedral, and Mr. Spencer Allen, the principal of the parish school. These talks present an overview of the various teachings and practices of the Catholic faith.

  1. Scripture and Tradition (Mr. Allen)
    Where the Bible comes from and how we know it's true, and the other way God has revealed Himself to mankind.

  2. Basics of Catholic Theology (Fr. Shetler)
    How Catholics talk about faith and morals, theological terms and categories, what theology is and what its sources are.

  3. Infallibility of the Church and Papacy (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What it means and what it doesn't mean to be infallible, who is infallible, when, and how.

  4. Responding to Scandal (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Galileo case, and Pius XII and the Nazis; how to respond to challenges like these.

  5. Original Sin and Original Justice (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    How our first parents were created, what the fall means, and how it affects all of us.

  6. Priesthood (Fr. Shetler)
    What priesthood is in general, the nature of the Christian priesthood, and why it is reserved to men.

  7. Baptism and Salvation (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What Baptism is, where it comes from, what it accomplishes, and why it is necessary.

  8. Grace, Faith and Works, and Salvation (Mr. Allen)
    How Protestants and Catholics believe very different things about how we are saved and what being saved really means.

  9. Theology of the Body (Mr. Allen)
    How our understanding our understanding of how God created us can bring us to a greater understanding of God, himself, as well as help us to connect more fully with the body of Christ.

  10. Eucharist and the Sacrifice of the Mass (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What transubstantiation is, why its important, and how to understand it properly.

  11. Basics of Morality and Sexual Ethics (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What constitutes the morality of a human act, different kinds of sin, and how sexual ethics fits into these basics of Catholic moral thought.

  12. Penance, Confession, and Indulgences (Mr. Allen)
    Why confession to a priest is necessary for the remission of sins, and how penance helps to prepare us for eternal glory.

  13. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What happens when we die: death, the particular jugdment, heaven, hell, purgatory, and the general judgment.
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You know the drill...this one's from

Most Eugenists are Euphemists. I mean merely that short words startle them, while long words soothe them. And they are utterly incapable of translating the one into the other, however obviously they mean the same thing. Say to them “The persuasive and even coercive powers of the citizen should enable him to make sure that the burden of longevity in the previous generation does not become disproportionate and intolerable, especially to the females”; say this to them and they will sway slightly to and fro like babies sent to sleep in cradles. Say to them “Murder your mother,” and they sit up quite suddenly. Yet the two sentences, in cold logic, are exactly the same.”

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Well...not at Yale, exactly. But from Yale, certainly!

D Mac at CMR points out the following:
Perhaps you remember the name Donald Kagan, a tenured professor at Yale and one of the nation's leading authorities on ancient Greek history. Once a liberal democrat, he became something of a neocon celebrity at Yale in the 1990s by daring to argue that western civilization had something to offer a university. Well, now his introductory course on Ancient Greece is available for free on line here on the Yale University web site. There are courses by other professors there as well and I can't vouch for any of them, but Kagan's courses are worth checking out. You don't get to be Sterling Professor at Yale, winner of the National Humanities Medal and have one of the most popular classes for 25 years without doing something right.
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So someone in the comboxes is confused. He seems to think that a Catholic can support so-called gay marriage. Well...he can't. To do so with knowledge of the error makes you a heretic. 'Nuff said for Catholics. Don't believe me? Ask a bishop. Heck, ask the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. If you think this is a teaching which we can take it upon ourselves to "correct" then you don't know jack about Catholicism. If it's that important to you, you'd better learn.

Ok. I could have posted that in the combox. Why take up a post? Because we need to do more than just put forth religious arguments. Most of the folks ranting about this don't care what religious arguments are out there. Most of the folks ranting about this are so damaged they don't care about God at all. Ahh...there but for the grace of God go I. It's important to remember that without God's grace we wouldn't care either. But I digress.

So what's the secular argument against so-called same-sex marriage?

I'm glad you asked.

We'll start with a brief recitation of why marriage was recognized by the government to begin with. It wasn't about love and it wasn't about religion. It was about controlling how baby-making activity takes place.

Let me 'splain. Men and women are going to have sex whether the government is involved or not. That's just how we're wired. Call it evolutionary instinct if it makes you feel better. Now...there are two ways for people to go about having sex. The first way is for a guy to irresponsibly dip his wick in whatever pot he finds. That makes for lots of single moms and fatherless kids. As it turns out, every study done on the subject shows conclusively that this is really bad for everyone involved, psychologically, sociologically and epidemiologically. The second way is for the man and woman (or several women, for that matter - but there are different reasons why that's bad) to have sex in a committed, life-long relationship. This provides stability for the mother and a male/female role-model set for the child. It also keeps men and women living longer, happier, more productive lives. (BTW, prolonged exclusive relationships have not been shown to have a similar effect with same sex folks. Not sure why.) Again, every study ever done bears out that life-long heterosexual marriage is optimal for everyone involved in all cases except severe abuse.

Query: does the government have an interest in encouraging the optimal situation above to happen?

Answer: Yup.

As a result, the government started recognizing - in fact, incentivizing, and at great expense - marriage between heterosexuals. Are some infertile? Sure. But odds are that one of the two is fertile and as long as that's typical (which it is) this still encourages baby-making activity occuring in a responsible way.

Enter same sex marriage arguments, stage left.

First, a negative argument:

What's the government interest in same-sex unions? We've seen what it is in heterosexual marriage - making sure procreatively ordered sex happens in a responsible way. What's the government interest in what's basically mutual masturbation? I just don't see one. At the very least, I don't see an interest more significant than the interest in the relationship between my brothers and me.

Until someone gives me a logical reason to the contrary, I'm inclined to think my tax dollars should not be spent incentivizing something the government has no interest in. You gays want to shack up? I'm not going to stop you. You gays want to proclaim youselves indesoluably joined at the Online Church of Babalouay? Hey, it's a free country. Want me to make sure you're entitled to your lover's social security payment after he dies? Same goes for a tax break. Same goes for instant citizenship. As a taxpayer concerned about my tax dollars, that just doesn't make sense. Call me when there's a reason beyond two people liking one another and maybe then I'll give you access to my pocketbook. Besides, any fool who's been married longer than the honeymoon can tell you that marriage is definitely not linked to liking the other person!

Second, a positive argument:

The government should strengthen marriage between a man and a woman, not reduce it to the level of an ordinary contract. Would a good step be eliminating no-fault divorce? You betcha'! I'm all for it. In fact, I'd favor a one-shot marriage measure that would say (absent abuse charges being pressed or a time-limited annullment) if you divorce you never get government recognition of your marriage again. I'd say we need that as well as an even stronger incentive package for married folks - something like a drop in tax rate of 5% for every 10 years married. But the strengthing plan isn't in front of us -- the not weakening marriage plan is.

With the skyrocketted divorce rate and the associated societal harm (insert innumerable studies here), I hardly think I have to defend why the government should be encouraging a return to a stronger view of marriage. At the very least, refusing to recognize same sex so-called marriages on the grounds that they're not procreative might just remind some folks why the government started recognizing marriage to begin with. And that might just avoid a demographic winter, which is sort of a good thing for a society to desire.

So yeah, I think Prop 8 came out the right way and if a Catholic disagrees they're not using their thinking cap.

Now there are plenty of other arguments to be had in this area, like the simple fact that same sex so-called marriage is not a "right" - if it were, where would it come from? God? The Constitution? The simple fact of your humanity, a fact most of you find insufficient to grant the weakest of us freedom from being dismembered or burned to death with saline in the womb? And then there's the argument about what my kids get taught in public school -- "It's not enough that you tolerate," as Mark Shea says, "You. MUST. Accept!"

...But again I digress...

What I mean to say is that there are other arguments that I'm not going into because I don't really think we need to (and I've gone on long enough already). What we need to do is present secular arguments for the secular audience. Meet them where they're at. To those under the law and whatnot. And so far we haven't done it...which is why, despite winning a few battles, we're losing the war.
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My friend Jonathan sent in the following:

On Thursday, November 13, over 100 people gathered at St. Vincent Ferrer to hear Professor Stephen Barr deliver the parish’s second annual St. Albert’s Day Lecture. His topic was “Modern Physics and Ancient Faith.” The lecture was excellent in both content and delivery. Prof. Barr argued, among other things, that 20th-century discoveries in physics have overturned, seemingly definitively, the materialist assumptions that shaped scientific thinking throughout the bulk of the modern period. It is this materialist understanding of science, and not science itself, that is often at odds with religion. In his talk, Prof. Barr identified the figures and topics instrumental to this recent change of fortune for materialism.

Prof. Barr’s conclusions suggest that the 20th century has actually opened the door, not closed it, to a more sympathetic reading among scientists of the medieval claim made famous by St. Albert and his student St. Thomas, that there can exist no contradiction between the truth of science and the truth of revelation. To be sure, at any given time it may not be clear as to how all of the points of faith and science intersect, but both the scientist and the theologian can proceed with confidence knowing that what is genuinely true in one realm of study is equally true for the other.

Copies of Prof. Barr’s book, Modern Physics and Ancient Faith, may be purchased here.

In addition to his book, Prof. Barr has written numerous articles on faith and science, many of which have been published in First Things. Click here for a listing of these articles.

Below you can listen to Prof. Barr’s address in full. The first clip contains the audio of the lecture itself, and the second includes the Q & A session held afterwards.

icon for podpress 2008 St. Albert's Day Lecture: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (106)

icon for podpress Questions at St. Albert's Day Lecture: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (37)
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I wanted to let you folks know my wife and I are currently developing CatholicBaby v3.0. Any and all prayers are welcome/appreciated. I put a baby-tracker widget on the left sidebar with the relevant info.

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For those wishing to pray the Divine Office, but hate doing it alone, do I have a site for you! Get the daily podcast, professionally done.
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From Danielle Bean:

Please go visit Elizabeth Foss’s blog to learn about a family in need — a well-known, generous, large, newly Catholic family, in fact.

If anyone can give the Curtises a warm welcome from the Catholic Church, it’s people like you who read this blog. Please go read all about it. And help in any way you can.

After this Sunday's readings on the talents, you might give it a second thought. This is important in a way you don't find every day.
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With so many things to complain about in our society, one thing about which I'm grateful (and hopeful!) is the fidelity and missionary zeal of young priests. Here's an example. A poster sent this in:

Father Chris acts as a simple catechist and gives a basic easy to understand background on the bible in the line of catholic tradition. Father Chris does not include heavy theology but he gives the reader a grasp on the bible by talking about the truth of the bible, the bible as necessary for salvation and the origins of the bible, he also gives sensible tips on someone beginning to read the bible.

Longer bio:
Father Walsh is the 5th of 6 children born to John and Joan (Ramsey) Walsh. He worshipped and attended elementary school at St. Joseph Church, Downingtown. He graduated from Bishop Shanahan High School in West Chester in 1987. He studied at Temple University and received a B.A. in Sociology in 1991.< style=""> There he supervised a program for conduct disordered adolescent males and served on their Behavior Management Team. During this time he was actively involved with Youth Ministry at St. Joseph Church in Downingtown.

He entered St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in September of 1993 to begin studies for the Roman Catholic Priesthood. Throughout his years in the seminary he had a wide variety of pastoral internship experiences that included inner city and suburban parishes, an urban high school, a hospital chaplaincy, a residence for the physically disabled and extensive work with the Missionaries of Charity in the South Bronx of New York City. Father Chris was ordained by Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua on May 15, 1999.

Our Lady of Ransom Parish in Northeast Philadelphia was Father’s first parochial assignment. During his 5 years he worked extensively to develop the liturgical and devotional life of the parish. In addition, he devoted a great deal of time to Adult Faith Formation, seeking to implement the vision of the U.S. Bishops in their document Were not our Hearts Burning within Us. In June of 2004 Justin Cardinal Rigali assigned Father Walsh to serve as School Minister of Archbishop Wood Catholic High School and in June of 2008 named him the 8th Pastor of St. Raymond of Penafort Parish in the Northwest section of Philadelphia.

Father Chris’ experience with retreats began early in his priesthood. In addition to a variety of days of recollection and weekend retreats at the parish level and regional level, Father has preached retreats to the IHM Sisters and the Missionaries of Charity throughout the Northeast of the United States. He received training in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola at the Jesuit Center at Wernerville

Get the first podcast on the brand-new blog here.

BTW, if any of you do website design, their parish website is in a bad way and I'm pretty sure they'd appreciate the support.
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I haven't been disappointed by any lectures from in the past, so here are some more. Understand that these are not all given by Catholics, so I'm not vouching for theological accuracy...just interesting stuff...

The Innocence of God, Udo Middelmann, MacLaurin Institute (Francis A. Schaeffer Fellow).

Pacifism in the Old and New Testaments: What Did Moses Teach That Inspired Jesus's Nonviolence?, Philip Friesen, Galilean Center (Fellow).

Wedded Bliss: What Makes for Happy Marriages, Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox, University of Virginia (Assistant Professor of Sociology).

Interpersonal Forgiveness: What's So Good About Loving Your Enemy?, Dr. Gayle Reed, University of Wisconsin Extension (Instructional Specialist).
From Da Vinci to Dan Brown: The skeptic as the new cultural authority, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi, MacLaurin Institute (Fellow).


And finally, the lecture which made me post this...and this one I CAN vouche for...


Dueling with Darwin: A Night with GK Chesterton, Dr. Chuck Chalberg, Normandale College (Professor of History) and Dale Ahlquist, American Chesterton Society (President).

UPDATE: Here's another Dale Ahlquis lecture --
The Spiritual and Intellectual Delight of G. K. Chesterton
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Here's to hoping this is worth listening to...sure looks like it is...

Current Philosophical Trends Challenging an Absolute Truth: Investigating Faith and Reason

This talk was given at WYD2008 in Sydney, Australia, and presented by Creston College.
An hour and a half presentation at World Youth Day. It's a bit slow, but has some reasonable parts, especially beyond the hour mark and towards the end.
  • 05-28min -- "Positivism: Old Age and the Value of Life" by Kirsty McKillop? Further reading: "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom
  • 28-32min -- Questions given to Kirsty
  • 32-49min -- "Relativism" by Katrina George, a lecturer in law at the University of Western Sydney and a director of Women's Forum Australia, an independent think tank that conducts research, education and public policy on women's issues.
  • 49-56min -- Questions to Katrina: Basic needs vs basic goods. Recommended reading Robert George (books on natural law), Q: Catholic Church "holds the fullness of Truth". Institutional structure give the splendor of truth? ie. slavery. Q: Freedom of religion and law, A: More trust in reason, basic goods
  • 56-1:26min -- "Freedom and Truth" by Patricia AUT management commerce law northland ethics. Free will, happiness (to be loved and to love properly), love requires freedom, erroneous views of freedom, tolerance and truth, relativism and truth.
  • "Truth is God. Truth is a Person and someone we can choose to trust and to love. Authentic freedom is choosing God and allowing ourselves to be taught by God and to follow His Will." -- Pope Benedict XVI
  • Tolerance is compatible with an absolute truth.
  • Intellect and reason should be used in searching for that truth.
  • Freedom is to choose and love the truth.

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Found here:

Theology on Tap: Sydney

"In the Grip of Vice: Tearing the Soul from Virtue" with Professor Hayden Ramsay, 2nd June 2008...... leading to "natural law" (ie. things you can't not know -- is that a double negative? I'm sure it is.)
I really liked a pro-life talk of his I found, so here are some more for you good folks (and me) to enjoy:

The Inquisition
Theology on Tap talk discussing the myths and realities of the Spanish Inquisition.
Audio Sendung:  -  The Inquisition [19 KB]

The Crime of Galileo

Talk given to Los Alamos physicists on Galileo's trial.
Audio Sendung:  -  The Crime of Galileo [19 KB]

Sex and the Sacred City

Discover how we can live out the life of God in our own bodies.
Audio Sendung:  -  Sex and the Sacred City [18 KB]

Effectively Teaching the Faith
The four elements necessary in effective Faith instruction
Audio Sendung:  -  Effectively Teaching the Faith [18 KB]

Effective Habits of the Five People You Meet in Heaven
How does Mitch Albom's best-selling novel re-tell the New Testament?
Audio Sendung:  -  Effective Habits of the Five People You Meet in Heaven [18 KB]

Harmonizing Religion and Science
Talk given to Los Alamos physicists on the correspondances between religion and science.
Audio Sendung:  -  Harmonizing Religion and Science [19 KB]
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First, a disclaimer. Wesley J. Smith isn't Catholic. I don't claim he represents Church teaching, so know that going in. Don't expect Catechism because that isn't what he does.

That said...I haven't disagreed with him about a bioethics issue yet. Perhaps there's something out there he's blindingly wrong about, but I haven't seen it. After a few years of pseudo-regularly reading him, everything he advocates appears to be in alignment with Church teaching.'s the skinny:

I am back in the podcast business, renamed from Brave New Bioethics to What It Means to be Human. After consulting with my colleagues at the Discovery Institute--which is producing the broadcast--we decided that since I am dealing with issues well beyond bioethics now, the new title was warranted.

In the first edition, I define some of the threats to human exceptionalism and argue that accepting the intrinsic value of human life simply because it is human is the necessary intellectual condition precedent (as we lawyers say) to universal human rights.

Check it out.

Here is the RSS Feed.
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AmPap needs your (totally free) help!

He writes:
Hey AmP fans, please take a couple seconds right now and vote for me ("Thomas Peters") in the 2008 student blogging contest.

Last year I won 4th place in this contest - when AmP had only a third of its current readership! Whatever funds I win will go directly to paying down my student loans. If I win 3rd place, that's $1,000 less I have to pay. First place? $10,000! So tell your friends, too. Thanks! :)
He's currently in second -- please take a moment and give him a bump, then bump him on your blog as well!
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What is this guy talking about "both sides"?!?

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Audio lecture by lay Catholic apologist John Francis Coffey. Part of the series: Jehovah's Witnesses and the Catholic Church. Includes PDF version with text of lecture. Do ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who leave the Watchtower Organization sometimes join the Catholic Church? Why?

Whole ItemFormatSize
AfterJehovahsWitnessesWhat_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
AfterJehovahsWitnessesWhat_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP47 MB
AfterJehovahsWitnessesWhat_vbr.m3uVBR M3UStream
AfterJehovahsWitnessesWhat_vbr_mp3.zipVBR ZIP41 MB

Audio Files


Ogg Vorbis

64Kbps MP3
01_Unknown - After Jehovah's Witnesses, What_ Part One22 MB23 MB25 MB
02_Unknown - After Jehovah's Witnesses What_ Part Two19 MB20 MB22 MB



AfterJehovahsWitnessesWhat_files.xmlMetadata4.4 KB
AfterJehovahsWitnessesWhat_meta.xmlMetadata954 B
Other FilesPDF
After_Jehovah's_Witnesses_What1.9 MB
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Got another e-mail. This one isn't the kind I normally post, but I figured this was probably the best audience:
My name is Fr. John Pasquini, the author of more than a dozen Catholic books. I have worked with Fr. Fessio in the past and Ave Maria University. I am currently the Pastor of St. John of the Cross Catholic Church in Vero Beach, Florida. I have attached the text of a book that was published in 2007 by S of C publications, with an introduction from His Eminence Paul Cardinal Poupard, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture. The work is an apologetics work, the best you will ever find. I own the copyright and give you complete freedom to use it for your site. it is:

But as if one wasn't's another! This one from Godwin Adadzie Delali GADEL from the Republic of Ghana in West Africa!

POSTED BY on 9:02 PM under after your free registration, that is. Here are the titles available:

"Character of a Man"
Interview by Mark Houck
Holy Spirit Radio - Philadelphia, PA
"The Christian Warrior"
Defeat Satan with a Confident Heart
"Summoning Men to Lay Down Their Lives"
"Challenges in Prayer:
Upgrading Spiritual Connectivity"
"Ten Things Women Need to Know about Men"

The catch is you have to register with the Amator Institute (which you can do at their registration page). Here's the low-down on Fr. Chavez:

Fr. Phillip Chavez is a priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, the same congregation of Fr. John Corapi. While he has engaged in parish work in the U.S., Canada, and Italy since his ordination in 1993, he has been involved in pro-life work and has diligently applied himself to concerns of marriage and family. Now, embarking in men’s outreach, he presents a forum to restore the hearts of men and strengthen their spirit to build stronger families and a more vital society.
Catch his video intro here.
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I got the following e-mail today:

My name is Bob D’Aurelio and working in conjunction with the National Fellowship of Catholic Men I have just launched a new Catholic podcast for men. It is called “Paul’s Men”. I wonder if you would be so kind as to run the attached one minute promotional mp3. (See

Well...I actually can't attach MP3s. I don't personally host files, I just link to people who do. Thankfully, you're one of those guys!

Here are the links:

Paul's Men Edition 1
Paul's Men Edition 2

To subscribe to the podcast, go here.
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Mark Shea got a letter...

David Bereit, the Director of 40 Days for Life, writes:
I have a VERY important announcement at the end of this message, but first some GREAT news!

On a day when many are stressed about elections, I just heard from one of our 40 Days for Life local campaign leaders who is bouncing off the walls with the exciting news that the abortion facility that was the focus of their campaign over these last 40 days is CLOSING!!

The "Space Available" real estate sign was put in front of the building on Thursday -- day 37 of the campaign. Yesterday, the local leader confirmed with the real estate company that the abortionist is shutting the business down for good.

We will have more details, including the location, as soon as the facility is closed -- which should happen very soon. But I knew you'd want to know that your prayers have produced an amazing result!

And another INCREDIBLE victory: as reports continue to roll in from around the country about the impact of the 40 Days for Life campaign that just ended, the number of confirmed lives saved during the 40 days is...


This number surpasses the previous total for all earlier 40 Days for Life campaigns COMBINED!

The total number of lives saved through 40 Days for Life, from 2004 in College Station, Texas, through today, has now topped 1,000. Amazing, isn't it?

Let's praise the Lord for what He has done!
For all who helped...Good job! Don't quit praying now! If you didn't help this time, start praying for a successful next time!
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