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Just a reminder that they're still doing awesome things at the Institute of Catholic Culture, such as the following:

Lecture Title:Presenter(s):
Original SinFr. Andrew Hofer, O.P.
Creation or Evolution: What Does the Church Really Teach?Fr. William Saunders
Liturgiam Authenticam: The True Story Behind the New Translation of the Roman MissalRev. Jerry J. Pokorsky
The Holy Mass: Reform, Ruin & RestorationDr. Daniel G. Van Slyke
The Roots of ModernismDr. William Marshner

That is all.
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Maggie Gallagher,  President of The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy and Dale Carpenter, University of Minnesota Professor of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law presented their views on the Same Sex Marriage Amendment at the Murphy Institute's inaugural debate on public policy issues for the 2012 elections.

Video after the jump.
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How great a name is that?!?

The Argument of the Month is a forum for Catholic Men to hear and discuss various apologetics topics. Well...I say apologetics, but it's not that narrow.  Take, for example, these talks on Social Justice by famed Chestertonian Dale Ahlquist:

Catholic Social Teaching: Why both Liberals AND Conservatives Get it Wrong!Dale Ahlquist02/12/2008Talk/DebateMP3Download
Catholic Social Teaching: Why both Liberals AND Conservatives Get it Wrong!Dale Ahlquist02/12/2008Q&AMP3Download

Or, to change gears, this talk about whether Catholics can be masons (answer: no!):

Can Catholics be Masons?John SalzaDustin Dufault01/11/2011Talk/DebateMP3Download
Can Catholics be Masons?John SalzaDustin Dufault01/11/2011Q&AMP3Download

Naturally, they also have the standard mean-and-potatoes Sola Scriptura debates, Contra Modernism talks, etc.  Go check them out for yourself -- well worth it.

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