I'm putting a link to a page at Lighthouse Media. If you aren't familiar with them, spend a few minutes checking out their program. Basically, you put up a "free CD" rack at your parish (requesting donations, of course) and let people get free CDs with talks by folks like Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Pat Madrid -- all the good ones. The up-front cost is kinda' steep but their experience is that donations cover costs quickly and your fellow parishioners get sold-out for Jesus in a hurry.

Another option is to just join their CD club and they'll send you a disk for you to listen to and hand on. Pretty easy way to evangelize, frankly. I've heard about 15 of the CDs and they've all been solid.

In any case, they're giving away free MP3 talk by Dr. Scott Hahn on confession. Check it thou out.
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Here's a fantastic talk about the importance of male friendship by Fr. John Riccardo:

Also, because I enjoyed it when I heard it and I like to share, here's another talk of Fr. John Riccardo's on Lectio Divina:

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Here's a real treat! Catholic apologist (and devoted geocentrist - lolwut?!?) Robert Sungenis debating "Dr." (lolwut again?!?) James White, elder at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church.

I remember when I was first learning about Catholic doctrine. I got my hands on all of the James White debates I could because I wanted to find the truth and he seemed so...persuasive, I suppose. I've heard him debate a number of Catholics, a few Protestants and even some Muslims. I even exchanged a few e-mails with him (which he posted, in heavily edited, straw-man created form on his blog -- which still doesn't allow comments where one might challenge his mildly deceptive tactics).

The thing is, the more I learned about Catholic doctrine the less persuasive he became. I started to see where he was manipulating the debate by using ambiguous terms to distort or misrepresent Catholic teaching. I noticed his failure to answer direct questions. I even went so far as to document several of his errors and misrepresentations at the Catholic Answers forum. In my defense, it was Mr. White's idea -- he wanted people to substantiate their allegations. So I did.

ANYWHO...here are two debates, HT to Filipino Catholic. The first is on Calvinistic double predestination. The second is on the Bodily Assumption of Our Lady. Even though I find many of his comments frustrating now (he really should know better by this point), I still like listening to his debates. Hope you do, too. Enjoy!

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