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Atheist Christopher Hitchens and Catholic Dinesh D'Souza recently debated at the University oEf Notre Dame (GO IRISH!) and ND has kindly decided to stream the video online.

Here are the goods:

The God Debate: Is Religion the Problem?
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Pewsitter, a Catholic news aggregation site, needs more hits!

What do you say...could you spare a moment for a click?
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A friend of mine from Our Lady's University (GO IRISH!!) who has always been far more mystical than me recently sent me an e-mail about the Eastern Rite folks (who get far too little press, if you ask me). Here's the skinny:
I have just been listening to Light of the East Radio after I met a monk that contributes to the show, Father Maximos. They do shows about Eastern Catholicism. It reminded me of your site, and I am going to start listening again.

By the way, there is an excellent series on that site that Fr. Maximos did a few years back. It starts with
Broadcast 200 ("Recovering a Sacramental World View - Part I of IV: Is a Sacrament a Thing or an Event?". Guest Host: Father Maximos) and goes through 203. You should listen to it and perhaps link it.
Good idea, Patrick -- I think I will. Get 'em while they're hot!

UPDATE: Go here to download the MP3s of the shows.
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Long time friend of the show Tim Troutman sent in the following:
We have a new podcast up at Called to Communion that I think your subscribers will enjoy. Tom Riello, interviews Tom Brown on his recent article entitled, "The Canon Question." The question is how can we know which books belong in the bible.
Check it thou out!
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...has to go to the guys at Catholic Stuff You Should Know. The podcasts are about 10-15 minutes long, fast paced and (above all) interesting! Find them at the link or on iTunes, and if you enjoy them be sure to leave a review on iTunes.

Also on the list is Mike and Eve Are Catholic, a podcast by a nice convert couple. If you like them, be sure to let them know on their Facebook page.
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Reader Kathy sent me the following request:
I would like to download as many Italian prayers, psalms, etc that I can find; Religious songs in Italian also.
If you have more or links to these would you please let me know?
I've got these. Anyone got the skinny on where Kathy can find more?
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The folks at have put their sermons online. I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, so if you give them a listen would you please let the rest of us know what you think?

Oh, and they also have some video, like this one of the rubrics of the traditional low mass:

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Resurrexit, sicut dixit!

If you've never heard the Exultet, do give it a listen.

Fr. Tim Hepburn's MP3 Recording in English

Exultet.mp3 (
Exultet.mp3 (

In Latin:

Benedyktyńskie Śpiewy Chorałowe

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