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Stumbled upon a couple of audio podcasts involving self-styled 'Bible Christians'. I haven't listened yet, so no guarantees about the quality or content. If you get a chance to listen, please be so kind as to post a review!

ONE: Discussion with a Hill Country Bible Christian

TWO: Protestantism and the Canon of Scripture
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I know, it's not Catholic. It is, however, oddly prophetic. I think that counts well enough to link.

Download brave_new_world_side_1.mp3

Download brave_new_world_side_2.mp3

(Source 1 and 2).
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Here's a link to Volume One of a Three Volume Set of J.R.R. Tolkien reading (and singing!) the Lord of the Rings that has finally made its way into the public domain. The distributor has asked that I not hard-link to the files, so you'll just have to go there and get them.

Also, here's a bonus! The Hobbit audiobook! Here's the source commentary:
Out-of-print audiobook whose adaptation was authorized by professor Tolkien himself, this was originally put out in 1974 as a boxed set of LPs. In my view, this is pretty much the best adaptation of The Hobbit ever, rivaling even the terrific animated film adaptation. It owes its greatness to the wonderful music and simply amazing voice work of Nicol Williamson, who may be better known to some as Merlin from the film Excalibur. If there were a Criterion Collection for audiobooks, this would surely be be one of the first titles.

part I
part II
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(HT to Mark Shea) - Librivox has produced a recording of Against Heresies by St. Irenaeus. Here's the summary from Librivox:
St. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, describes several schools of Gnosticism which were prevalent among pre-Nicene Christianity. He then refutes these beliefs as heresies by contrasting them with what he describes as catholic, orthodox Christianity. Against Heresies demonstrates that earliest Christianity was a fascinating and diverse plethora of beliefs, debates, and schisms. (Summary by JoeD)
There's too much audio for me to hard link, so go there and get it yourself.
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Because folks asked nicely and I'm in a linking mood:
Neverland Mommy

Love Undefiled

Cellar Door

Called to Communion

Caritas et Veritas

St. Louis Review -> Stations of the Cross

Dr. Hick, Professor of Philosophy, YouTube Channel of (maybe Catholic?) Arguments
Should any of you want to link here on your blogs, do feel free!
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Got the following e-mail in the ol' inbox:
I just wanted to alert you to a teaching series I have recently finished at my parish (St. Mary Magdalen in Altamonte Springs, FL) on Catholic Social Teaching.

We've put together a website which contains the audio recordings of each of the four talks we gave. The website also contains each of the PowerPoint presentations, links to other Catholic Social Teaching information around the internet, and--maybe of the most worth--a collection of book recommendations to explore these themes more fully.

There are few solid websites dealing with Catholic Social Teaching and social justice, specifically from a Catholic perspective. By putting up this website, we're seeking to contribute to Pope John Paul II's "new evangelization" and Pope Benedict XVI's call to harness the capabilities of the internet in order to evangelize the "digital continent". We hope the site will introduce these "best kept secrets" of Catholic spirituality to many people beyond even our own parish.

The four sessions were as follows:
  • Session #1 - "Introduction" and "The Life and Dignity of the Human Person"
  • Session #2 - "Call to Family, Community, and Participation" and "Rights and Responsibilities"
  • Session #3 - "Option for the Poor and Vulnerable" and "The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers"
  • Session #4 - "Solidarity" and "Care for God's Creation"
I co-taught the sessions with Monsignor Ed Thompson and popular Catholic author and Saint-expert Bert Ghezzi. For each session, Fr. Ed spoke on the Biblical basis for that night's themes, Bert detailed the lives of some lesser-known Saints that personified those themes, and I explored the themes further in light of Tradition and history, finally offering ways that we--'average' Christians in the 'average' pews--can live them out today.

The whole series of talks was framed not only by the Seven Major Themes of Catholic Social Teaching (as defined by the U.S. Bishops in 1998), but also by the elements of "story". We talked about the reality that we are all in this great Story, each with a crucial role to play. What is that role? Catholic Social Teaching says that our role, our mission, is to participate in the "putting together again of the world". Jesus ignited a rescue mission for the world, and we are joining along, sailing towards the Story's grand conclusion: the uniting of all of the world back to God. So how do we fit into this Story? And what is our Role? These sessions dived into those questions.

The website, with the audio and all of the resources, can be found at:

Feel free to share on Sonitus Sanctus or with anyone you know! Thanks!

Your brother,
Brandon Vogt
This looks like the real deal, folks -- none of that polyester pant-suit "social justice" schtick; real Catholic Social Justice teachings! Here are the links to the audio, but click this link to get the PowerPoint presentations and Prayer Notes.

Session 1: Audio (55 min.)
Session 2: Audio (57 min.)
Session 3: Audio (60 min.)
Session 4: Audio (59 min.)

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Christopher West is a well known speaker and author on the Theology of the Body. Recently he's received some criticisms about his teachings from some rather notable folks and he's taken some time off to reflect. Nonetheless, he's a guy trying to faithfully teach what the Church teaches.

SO! All those disclaimers in place, here are some free talks of his hosted by The Gift Foundation. From the site:

FREE Download
Naked Without Shame
A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body with Christopher West
8 talks totaling almost 12 hours, plus a 9th Bonus Talk

To download the entire Naked Without Shame Crash Course in MP3 format for use on your iPod or MP3 player click on either link below.

Click here to download Naked Without Shame High Quality Recording MP3, Size: 712 MB


Click here to download Naked Without Shame Lower Quality Recording MP3 Size: 188 MB
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I've been listening to a Catholic Bible study lately and, let me tell you, it's fantastic. They're put on by a fella' named Carson Weber. Here's what his website says about him:

Carson Weber is the author of CatholicBoard and the Understanding the Scriptures Podcast. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology from Texas A&M University (2001) and his Master of Arts in Theology & Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Catechetics from Franciscan University of Steubenville (2004). In the past, Carson served St. Mary Parish in Brenham, Texas as the Director of Adult Faith Formation & Evangelization. He also worked for the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology under the direction of Dr. Scott Hahn in Steubenville, Ohio. Currently, he works in the area of New Media Evangelization and Catechesis for the Catholic Church in Sacramento, CA. Carson is married and devoted to his beautiful wife, Rebecca Mary and their little girl, Thérèse Mary Grace.

Carson is available for speaking engagements as well as website design.

You may reach Carson by email at and you may visit his personal website at

Good to know!

You can find the original posts here, but if you're just in it for the free Catholic mp3s, here are the links:

UPDATE: Old links removed because he switched servers. Find the new links HERE.
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Yup. A Cajun version of the Ave Maria. It's pretty darn good, too! Give it (and several other tracks) a listen and, if that's the one you choose, get the MP3 for free -- all you need is an e-mail address for them to send it to.

Via Faith & Family.
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If anyone knows of (or can make) a Catholic version of this song listing all the books in the Protestant Bible, please let me know!

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