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If you find some change in the cracks of your couch, please send it to the Miles Christi religious order. In return, they bring you this:

Sacerdótes Dei (Introito) Download
Kyrie (De Angelis) Download
Allelúia (Hic est sacerdos) Download
Ecce quam bonum (Gradual) Download
Sanctus (De Angelis) Download
Agnus Dei (De Angelis) Download
Sacris Solémnis (Himno) Download
Regina Caeli Download
Crux Fidélis (Himno) Download
The Passion according to St. John Download
Bells Download
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Just wanted to put out a reminder that porn is very real and very evil. Give this talk by famed Catholic author and speaker Jeff Cavins a listen, then go spend about an hour at The Porn Effect (register - Matt Fradd won't spam you). They have videocasts and additional free audio available for download that will either (a) help you personally or (b) will help you evangelize the culture, because believe me, if your life isn't touched by the evils of porn I guarantee it's in the life of someone you know.

The Pornography Plague
Written by Jeff Cavins

Jeff was excited to see the great work of The Porn Effect and so along with Ascension Press decided to donate this talk which usually costs $10 for free.

UPDATE: The folks at The Porn Effect would be glad to give it to you for free, but you've got to register first. No worries, though -- once you do you'll have access to a dozen or so additional talks. Now go be holy!
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I've posted about it before, but this Bible study is so good I think it deserves a second go. You'll hear things here that you won't hear in any of the other talks on my site -- believe me, I've listened! In any case, Carson Weber, the Catholic layman who gave these talks (and freelance web designer - you know your parish website needs it give him a call!) wrote in and gave me some updated links. If you've been pining for a Catholic Bible study, here's your chance!

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He encontrado un podcast español sobre el Santos. Dale un vistazo!

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Here are some songs I grabbed from my "competition" over at CatholiciCast:

[A] beautiful song sung by Angelina, “The Deer’s Cry,” an arrangement of St. Patrick’s Breastplate. Also from Catholic Planet, from Angelina’s album Wake Up Call. (Click to Listen, Right Click to Download)

The Deers Cry

Ave Maria

Whisper In The Other Ear

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Christopher Hitchens, famed atheist and one of my favorite debaters (for style, not substance), has cancer. You may have heard. If you would, please say a prayer or two for his conversion.

A friend of mine recently asked me to track down a "debate" he did with Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League.'s what I've got:

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Fr. Paul Scalia, son of Justice Antonin Scalia, has given a series of talks on the Seven Deadly Sins. They're good. Really good. The hook? There aren't seven, they're not deadly and they're not sins. Don't believe me? Give him a listen.

Oh...but first, he'd like for you to listen to his Natural Law talk as an intro.

Time for the good stuff:

Natural Law - the Intro:

Talk 1:

Talk 2:

Talk 3:

Talk 4:

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