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*HT to Kell, who remarked, "Holy socks, is it Christmas already!"

Hit the link to bask in a wealth of Fultony goodness.
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Tim Troutman was kind enough to point me to this interview he did recently. Enjoy!

Tim Troutman interviews Taylor Marshall, former Episcopal priest, and Andrew Preslar, formerly studying for Anglican orders, on the subject of the new Anglican Ordinariates and what that means for Christianity and ecumenism.

Reformation meets Rome

Download the mp3 here.

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Reader Dana pointed me to the following talks from Hebrew Catholics:

The Mystery of Israel and the Church

The AHC is sponsoring a lecture series on the mysteries of our faith, with a focus on the role of Israel in salvation history and the deep ties between Israel and the Church. It is hoped that these lectures will be of use both to those who are not Catholic as well as to those who are Catholic.

Lawrence Feingold STD STL is a Hebrew Catholic associate professor of Theology with the Institute of Pastoral Theology, Ave Maria University. Dr. Feingold is the author of these lectures, delivering them every Wednesday night at Boland Hall, Cathedral Basilica, St. Louis, Missouri.

Recordings and a book will be produced of each lecture series. Availability of these items will be discovered on the lecture series index page (link above).

Themes of Salvation History

This series of 12 lectures was given from Sept. through Dec. 2007.

Themes of Faith

This series of 12 lectures was given from Feb. through May 2008.

Themes of the Kingdom

This series of 12 lectures was given from Sept. through Dec. 2008.

Themes of St. Paul

This series of 12 lectures was given from Jan. through May. 2009.

Themes of the Early Church Father

This series of 12 lectures begin on Sept. 23, 2009


They have materials available for sale by Rosalind Moss:

Reasons for Our Hope

A Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke by Rosalind Moss

Study Guide
DVD: Seasons 1 & 2 now available

Note: The Study Guide complements the DVD sets, but they can be used separately from each other.

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*A Hearty HT to Greg for pointing me to this new lecture by Dr. Peter Kreeft, given to Act One.

Screenwriting — Advice to Hollywood writers

If you're not familiar with Dr. Kreeft, follow this link and get busy: SPEAKER: Peter Kreeft

If you are familiar with Dr. Kreeft, no further encouragement is needed.

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