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Reader Ben writes in:
My friend and I recorded a local Nigerian priest here in Houston giving a Pauline Scriptural Rosary. He has a wonderful voice and is a good homilist:

Thanks for all your work on your blog.
Right back at ya', Ben!
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Apparently NBC is airing some lame-brained miniseries which attempts to retell some part of Church history. So strange -- it's not even Easter yet. I tell ya' -- no matter how dumb, there are people who will believe anything. I blame the public schools. ;0)

In any case, come give a listen to Carl Olsen and Sandra Miesel bust it up:

The Templars: The Mini-Series, The Myths, and the Truth | Sandra Miesel and Carl E. Olson | Ignatius Insight Podcast | January 25, 2009

Carl E. Olson, editor of Ignatius Insight, talks to Sandra Miesel, a medieval historian and co-author of The Da Vinc Hoax and Pied Piper of Atheism, about the NBC mini-series, "The Last Templar".

The mini-series, which airs Sunday, January 25th, and Monday, January 26th, is based on the 2005 novel, The Last Templar, written by Raymond Khoury. The novel was on The New York Times bestseller list for 22 months and sold over four million copies.

The novel is similar in many ways to The Da Vinci Code, including its use of the Templars, its reliance on the "Gnostic gospels," and its claim that ancient documents provide definitive proof that Jesus Christ was not divine. USA Today, for example, writes of the mini-series, "The last time you saw this template, it was called The Da Vinci Code."

The novel, according to its website, is "a thought-provoking exploration of religion in today's world, and of historic fact versus faith, particularly regarding the origins of the Catholic Church. Through the investigation into the Templars' history and their mysterious discovery, and though the interplay between Tess - the agnostic, scientific skeptic - and Reilly, who turned to the Church after his father shot himself when Reilly was just a boy, the book presents a spirited look at the early days of the Church and invites the reader to question matters which most of us take at face value."

Carl and Sandra examine some of historical claims of the novel and discuss the ongoing popularity of the Templar mythology.

Listen to mp3 audio file (25 minutes):

RIGHT CLICK to download the mp3 audio file (11.5 megs)
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Here's some new material (and some old) from Jewish convert Roy Schoeman, author of the book Salvation is from the Jews.

EWTN TV -- "Bookmark" with Doug Keck, discussing "Honey from the Rock" (aired Dec. 08)
EWTN TV -- "EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa & Roy Schoeman, Sept. 24, 2008 discussing Benedict XVI and the Jews (58 min)

Versions of my witness testimony, and talks on the Jews' role in salvation:

Cure of Ars Parish, Merrick N.Y. Dec. 07 -- Witness Testimony (74 min)
Cure of Ars Parish, Merrick N.Y. -- Role of Jews in Salvation (70 min)
Washington, DC Conference Sept 25-27, 2008 -- The Catholic Church as Judaism Fulfilled (60 min)
Washington, DC Conference Sept 25-27, 2008 -- Q&A with disagreement with Fr. David Jaeger (20 min)
The Catholic Church as the Fulfillment of Israel's Hope (70 min)
St. Louis Marian Conference Jan 08 -- 1st Talk: Witness Testimony and Role of Jews to the 1st Coming (56 min)
St. Louis Marian Conference Jan 08 -- 2nd Talk: Islam, the Holocaust, the Conversion of the Jews, and the Role of Jews in the 2nd Coming, and other Jewish Converts (59 min)

"Teachings" on other subjects:

Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit (28 min)

Overcoming Our Feelings (38 min)
The Desert in Prayer (40 min)

Mary in the Old Testament (56 min)

"Give us Barabbas" (17 min)

"The Message of Fatima" (32 min)

Music found on Website

Max Bruch's "Kol Nidre"
Rosemany Vuono singing "Jerusalem, Jerusalem"

Missionaries of La Salette singing "Hymn of Our Lady of La Salette"

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...with Pat Madrid. He posted the following:

My “Debate” With Bishop Gumbleton on Gays in the Priesthood

A couple of years ago, I was asked to appear on a secular talk-radio show to discuss the issue of homosexuals in the priesthood with now-retired Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a perennial fixture within the “progressive” fringe of dissenting Catholics. He argued the case that homosexuals in the priesthood is no problem at all. I, as you might guess, said exactly the opposite. It was a brief discussion, only about 20 minutes (including a commercial break), but long enough to see two very different approaches to this important issue. What are your thoughts?

Listen to the show here:
Part one

P.S. Awhile ago, the late-great Father Neuhaus commented briefly here on this issue.
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Unless mine is the only Catholic blog you go to, you've probably seen the following video:

The folks who made it sent out the following letter:

Dear Member,

I’m in Washington for the March for Life, but I just had to stop for moment and give you an update on our latest ad. The response has been tremendous.

On our website, the comment forum has been buzzing, with a few visitors challenging us to try and air our new ad during the Super Bowl.

Well…we like to dream big, but it may be difficult to raise $3 million in a week. But we do know that our ad is making people stop and think -- especially supporters of Barack Obama. We are convinced that we can make a big difference with his ad campaign. And that can only happen with your support.

Can you chip in?

In only three days, over 250,000 viewers have watched the ad online, and we reached the “Top 10 Most Viewed” on YouTube on Inauguration Day!

The ad ran on Black Entertainment Television, and will be airing on CNN and FOX News in Chicago this weekend. The ad will also air on EWTN today.

We must remember that being right isn’t enough. We must find new methods and new ways to express the eternal truths, to new audieneces. We are seizing this historic moment with a powerful message to defend the sanctity of human life.

And this is only the beginning…


Brian Burch

P.S. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink?” It means there’s some people you just can’t reach. Recently, a member of our creative team rejected this defeatism saying: “No way… I can make him drink! Take the horse the long way…on a really hot day!”

We need to be just as savvy in delivering the pro-life message. Our latest ad has the ‘audacity’ to challenge every American to embrace life. Please support us today.

Please try to do what you can.

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Reader Ben writes:
Two excellent talks given by Houston's Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, a deep scholar and fantastic preacher. [LINK]
Thanks Ben!

Audio Presentations:

St. Augustine by Archbishop Daniel DiNardo

[mp3 file] Running Time: 77 minutes

The Church Fathers by Archbishop Daniel DiNardo

[mp3 file] Running Time: 80 minutes

Here it is -- season five of the One True Faith with (fellow domer) Michael Voris. If you've never listened to Michael Voris before, buckle your seat belt. If you have heard him before, you know you're in for a challenge.

Here's the description from the site:
The One True Faith is Saint Michael's Media's weekly television program which showcases the truths of the Catholic faith in a lively and exciting manner, presented by multiple Emmy-award winner Michael Voris. Michael tackles a single topic each week, explaining the Catholic faith in an exciting and engaging manner.
Season Five

Episode One : Oprah False Profit
Episode Two : Cafeteria Catholics
Episode Three : Judgmentalism
Episode Four : New Age & Spiritualism
Episode Five : Jesus Christ
Episode Six : False Morality
Episode Seven : Secularism
Episode Eight : Christianity
Episode Nine : Catholic Traitors
Episode Ten : Eternal Damnation
Episode Eleven : Belief and the Creed
Episode Twelve : The Holy Trinity
Episode Thirteen : Genesis, John and Revelation

Get the past seasons here.
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For you folks willing to pay for your Catholic audio, Keep the Faith has 40 new talks. Just sayin'.
UPDATE: I'm bumping this up to the top. Pat Madrid's talk opens with a discussion about how Scott Hahn entered the visible world of Catholic apologetics. It's worth a listen for you fans of Dr. Hahn's work. I'm definitely subscribing to the Fullness podcast (linked at the bottom).


So...several years ago I started straggling back to the faith I always held (but never knew). A pivotal part of that path was attending a Fullness of Truth conference in Corpus Christi, TX. At the conference I was blessed to hear Fr. Corapi, Fr. Pacwa, Doug Barry and several others speak passionately and forthrightly about the faith.

Wonderfully, the conferences are still being held. If you get a chance -- GO!

All that's to say this: Pat Madrid spoke at one and gave the following lecture entitled "Why Be Catholic when You can be Anything Else?" Now the Fullness of Truth folks have put the talk on their new podcast.

Welcome to the first episode of the Fullness of Truth podcast. In this episode we share a little bit of the mission of Fullness of Truth in a talk given by Patrick Madrid called Why Be Catholic When you can be anything else.

PART 1: Listen Here!

Download this show here (right click and choose save as)

Welcome back to the Fullness of Truth podcast and the second part of a talk given by Patrick Madrid called Why Be Catholic When you can be anything else.

PART 2: Listen Here!

Download this show here (right click and choose save as)

For more information on Patrick Madrid go to:

SubscribeSubscribe to the podcast by RSS here!

Or subscribe to the Podcast by iTunes here!

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The Thomas More Law Center did a radio show on the Teresa Tomeo program some time ago regarding FOCA. Here it is:

TMLC on the Teresa Tomeo Show
November 20, 2008
TMLC spokesman, Brian Rooney, discusses the Freedom of Choice Act and other current issues with Teresa.
Download (8745KB)
I'm going to have to keep my eye on the looks like there may be good things to come...
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So LIFE magazine and Google have teamed up and have made a photo archive of LIFE photos from the mid 1800s until the present. Below is one that caught my eye (look closely at the center of the rose pedal -- click the image for the high resolution version):

To search the archive, simply search Google and enter the following in the box:

"Words to be searched" source:LIFE

Sample search I did here.
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DISCLAIMER: Fred wrote in and wants us to know that while the old Gerry Matatics debates are a good listen, at minute 3:10 of the 7th audio (Matatics's Third Negative) Gerry Matatics brings out heretical traditionalist slant for about a minute and twenty seconds. Forewarned is forearmed:

Flyer For Debate Download

Introductory Remarks Listen

Donahue's First Affirmative Listen

Matatics's First Negative Listen

Donahue's Second Affirmative Listen

Matatics's Second Negative Listen

Donahue's Third Affirmative Listen

Matatics's Third Negative Listen

Donahue's Rejoinder Listen

Matatics's Rejoinder Listen

Closing Remarks Listen
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In the Angelic Doctor's honor, here's a French lecture from a Dominican:

Résurrection chez Thomas d'Aquin

Conférence et discussion avec le frère Bryan KROMHOLTZ, dominicain de la Province of the Holy Name of Jesus (USA), docteur en théologie dogmatique à l’Université de Fribourg (Suisse), enseignant à la Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology et à la Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, Californie.

Le Centre d’Etudes du Saulchoir est heureux d’accueillir un frère dominicain d’une province anglophone. Il s’agit d’une première et nous espèrons que d’autres conférences de ce type s’ensuivront. Fr. Bryan nous exposera sa thèse de doctorat en avant-première avant sa soutenance. La conférence aura lieu en français.

Plusieurs théologiens renommés des cinquante dernières années ont remis en question l’enseignement traditionnel du temps de la résurrection en proposant des variations sur l’idée de « la résurrection dans la mort».

La position prise par saint Thomas d’Aquin, bien que devenue classique, reste peu connue dans ses détails et dans ses implications. En particulier, l’Aquinate explique que la résurrection se passera au retour du Christ, en un seul instant, et qu’elle coincidera avec la fin du monde, fin du monde conçue comme son renouvellement.

L’Aquinate souligne ainsi les liens de l’homme avec le Christ, avec la communauté et avec le cosmos. Ces trois dimensions doivent rester centrales pour une anthropologie qui se veut pleinement chrétienne.

See Dailymotion for parts 2-5.

Congratulations to Fr. Kromholtz, O.P., who recently defended his dissertation entitled: "On the Last Day: The Time of the Resurrection of the Dead according to Thomas Aquinas," S.T.D. diss., University of Fribourg, Switzerland, 2008.
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UPDATE: Some folks in the combox are speculating about these speakers' fidelity to the post-V2 Church. Feel free to chime in.

UPDATED UPDATE: Audio Sancto chimed in and put the matter to rest -- it's all good. Also, Audio Sancto pointed to the linking terms of use, which include the following provision (FYI):

  • If you can, please say three Hail Mary's for the priests who preach these sermons, and ask others to do the same
Roger WilCo!

A few people have written in recently and pointed me to the Audio Sancto Sermon Series. Since there's really some great stuff there, I've been meaning to do a series of several posts where I break down the talks by topic. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to find the time. Rather than keep holding on to these gems, I figured I'd just share the link. To give you an idea of what's there, here are the links from the front page:

Date Title Time Size
2009-01-04 The Power of the Holy Name of Jesus 26:15 6 MB
2009-01-01 Octave of Christmas 23:28 5.4 MB
2008-12-28 Our Need to Love the Poor 24:50 5.7 MB
2008-12-25 This Day Is Born To You A Savior 20:47 4.8 MB
2008-12-21 The Incarnation and The Mystical Body of Christ 21:03 4.8 MB
2008-12-14 Unless We Believe in Scripture We Can Neither Be Christians Nor Be Saved 27:58 6.4 MB
2008-12-08 The Immaculate Conception 10:44 2.5 MB
2008-12-07 Imitate the Virtues of Saint John the Baptist 20:11 4.6 MB
2008-11-30 The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse: Upcoming Events and the Final Judgement 27:12 6.2 MB
2008-11-23 The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse: Present Conditions Before the Trials 26:53 6.2 MB
2008-11-17 Feast of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne 19:36 4.5 MB
2008-11-02 All Things Work Together Unto Good 18:38 4.3 MB
2008-10-26 Our Need to Make Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Christ the King 16:42 3.8 MB
2008-10-19 Destroying Marriage and the Family: An Essential Principle in the Culture of Death 27:05 6.2 MB
2008-10-12 Our Lady Shows Her Motherhood Towards Us 11:49 2.7 MB
2008-10-07 An Evening with an Exorcist 54:47 12.5 MB
2008-10-05 The Most Holy Rosary: A Necessary Devotion 17:28 4 MB
2008-09-28 Seder Meals Violate the 1st Commandment 18:51 4.3 MB
2008-09-21 Blessed Maria de Agreda: The REAL Flying Nun 12:24 2.8 MB
2008-09-14 Carrying Our Cross Daily 12:48 2.9 MB
2008-09-07 Supernatural Charity: Loving Our Neighbor As Ourself 28:19 6.5 MB
2008-08-31 Our Threefold Inheritance from Christ 30:22 7 MB
2008-08-24 Confession: The Key to Overcoming Concupiscence 12:14 2.8 MB
2008-08-17 Be Perfect As Your Father in Heaven Is Perfect 28:32 6.5 MB
2008-08-15 Feast of the Assumption 08:25 1.9 MB
2008-08-10 Using Memory, Intellect, and Will to Know, Love, and Serve God 24:24 5.6 MB
2008-08-03 The Four Temperaments and How They Relate to Your Predominant Fault 13:13 3 MB
2008-07-27 The Faith: Keep It, Study It, Pray It, Practice It 11:57 2.7 MB
2008-07-26 Marriage: Fall from Eden to the Rise in Grace 19:39 4.5 MB
2008-07-20 Unethical Vaccines and The Enemy Is Watching 17:27 4 MB
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Sam, aka MarcoPolo over at the CAF, wrote in and pointed me to the following talk by Fr. Euteneuer:

2008-10-07 An Evening with an Exorcist 54:47 12.5 MB

Thanks, Sam!
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Sorry for the late notice. From American Papist:

Don't miss it! Live streaming of Pro-Life Summit

I've been hearing rumblings about this summit for some time and I think it is very important.

It's hosted by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and will be taking place this Saturday at Christ the King parish in Ann Arbor, MI. The topic is how to end abortion in post-election America.

The bad news? It's sold out (500 attendees).

The good news? The summit is being streamed live on local WDEO Catholic radio here at 10am EST.

The better news? Relevant Recordings will be recording and selling CDs of the event here.

Speakers include Janet Smith, Al Kresta, Deal Hudson, Bishop Earl Boyea, Fr. Frank Pavone - you name it.

May such a gathering of pro-life luminaries and activists yield good fruit for the cause of the unborn.

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