Here it is -- season five of the One True Faith with (fellow domer) Michael Voris. If you've never listened to Michael Voris before, buckle your seat belt. If you have heard him before, you know you're in for a challenge.

Here's the description from the site:
The One True Faith is Saint Michael's Media's weekly television program which showcases the truths of the Catholic faith in a lively and exciting manner, presented by multiple Emmy-award winner Michael Voris. Michael tackles a single topic each week, explaining the Catholic faith in an exciting and engaging manner.
Season Five

Episode One : Oprah False Profit
Episode Two : Cafeteria Catholics
Episode Three : Judgmentalism
Episode Four : New Age & Spiritualism
Episode Five : Jesus Christ
Episode Six : False Morality
Episode Seven : Secularism
Episode Eight : Christianity
Episode Nine : Catholic Traitors
Episode Ten : Eternal Damnation
Episode Eleven : Belief and the Creed
Episode Twelve : The Holy Trinity
Episode Thirteen : Genesis, John and Revelation

Get the past seasons here.
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