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Just in case you were running low on audio, here you can find some G. K. Chesterton audiobooks:

  Title & Author Description
Eugenics and Other EvilsEugenics and Other Evils
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
"Eugenics and Other Evils," by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. I think G.K. Chesterton explains his book rather well in his introduction, but it might help to start with a sense of the time in question. Chesterton started work on Eugenics and Other Evils in about 1910, but it was not completed and published until 1922. In his own introduction he talks about the period before and after "The War." The war he refers to is now called World War One. We now have a distaste for the word Eugenics,...
G.K. Chesterton
"Heretics," a series of essays by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. First published in 1905. Read by David "Grizzly" Smith. Chesterton had a sense of humor, had a sense of drama, and had sense. He was a man of strong opinions, and quite willing to argue vehemently for his own opinions, even with his friends -- and they remained his friends -- like George Bernard Shaw and Rudyard Kipling. Seems to me that is hard to find anymore. He wrote prolifically. He wrote humor. He wrote mystery novels,...
G.K. Chesterton
"Orthodoxy," a series of essays by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. First published in 1908. Read by David "Grizzly" Smith. "The only possible excuse for this book is that it is an answer to a challenge. Even a bad shot is dignified when he accepts a duel." This is how Chesterton explains "Orthodoxy," the sequel to Heretics. "I have attempted in a vague and personal way, in a set of mental pictures rather than in a series of deductions, to state the philosophy in which I have come to believe. I...
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William Lane Craig vs. Sam Harris Debate Audio

In this audio from the University of Notre Dame that took place on April 7, 2011, Protestant Apologist William Lane Craig and noted Atheist Sam Harris debate the topic: Is Good From God? In other words, "Are the foundations of moral value natural or supernatural?"

For more info on the debate, see the Notre Dame video page here.

Full Debate MP3 Audio here (120 min)

*HT to Apologetics315.
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I've got another Dr. Peter Kreeft lecture for ya'.  This time it's *actually* in mp3 format (not m4a or any other good-luck-figuring-out-how-to-listen format).  This talk, Sexual Reconnection: Restoring The Link Between Sex And Love, was given at the Catholic Medical Association on 10/29/10.  Here's the skinny:

Sexual ReconnectionAudio icon
13.6 MB
00:00 Sexual Chaos
05:45 Reconnecting Sex and Love
15:12 Imaging the Mystical Marriage
20:23 Cultural Re-Revolution
24:03 Q&A

For Dr. Kreeft's refelctions on the Song of Songs, see
Three Philosophies of Life

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