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Got the following in the old e-mail bag:

I've been listening to these podcasts and love them. I searched for them on your site but no query match. Perhaps they are new to you?

Fr Daniel Jones - excellent

And homilies by Fr Daniel Jones

Fr Edwin Palka - catechism classes - excellent

And some Traditionalist Sermons

It is so hard to tell whether some people who are "traditionalist" or whatever are still in line with the Vatican. I love these sermons but the one on the "New Mass" seemed suspect. See what you think. I'm simply not educated enough in the nuances to know if it orthodox to speak so badly of the New Mass

You were right to be concerned. The Traditionalist Sermons are from Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) folks. While we are making some progress towards a restoration of unity, and while there's much good in what they say, we are not yet fully one. I would recommend not listening to the Traditionalist Sermons unless you are well aware of the issues surrounding the SSPX.

In an case, enjoy the rest! Thanks for the tip, Bonne!

UPDATE: According to the combox, "It is Bp. Daniel Dolan's church, he is a straight-up Thuc-line sedevacanist." In other words, DANGER, Will Robinson! DANGER!
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Our Sunday Visitor is listing the top Catholic websites and is seeking input. If you feel so inclined, I would appreciate if you mentioned this site in the News & Resources category. Here's what they say:

The number of Catholic-oriented websites out there has exploded, and keeping track of the ones that are truly useful gets harder as they proliferate.

OSV Newsweekly is pulling together a "best of the (Catholic) web" for its annual Catholic Internet Guide.

Tell us your favorites in four main categories we've chosen (spirituality, news and resources, opinion and community building) and if your pick makes the cut we'll give you credit (either by full name or initials; your choice) and a free copy of the guide. If the sites you submit are hidden treasures (until now!), even better.

For fun, you'll also have an opportunity to submit your favorite Catholic YouTube videos and mobile device apps.

Here's the link to the survey. Don't miss your chance for fame! And to help out your fellow Catholic web-pilgrims!
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You may notice that the blog looks a little different than the last time you visited. Above you'll see links for RSS feeds for posts and comments, as well as a button you can click to e-mail me. There's also a search bar. To use the search bar, simply enter in the term(s) you want to search and hit the 'enter' button on your keyboard.

Hopes this makes things more convenient. I'll keep working out the kinks as I go.

God Bless,
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Double-barreled Catholic Michael Voris continues to shoot straight with his One True Faith show, but beware: they're On The Road:

On The Road

Episode One : Love in Truth
Episode Two : How to Change the World
Episode Three : Being Catholic
Episode Four : The Church and Modern World
Episode Five : Western Civilization

Everyone's hurting these days, but 501(c)3s are taking it on the chin. If you're willing, skip your Starbucks (offer it up) once this week and send the $6.23 to Michael Voris. Here's his donation page.
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I've found me some good listening! Thanks to readers Lukas and Martin for sending in the Institute of Catholic Culture, a well-designed site with LOTS of free audio. Here's a talk by Fr. Paul Scalia (son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) called Technology and the Tree that I enjoyed today:

Holy Spirit Presenter: Fr. Paul Scalia
Date Play with Quicktime
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June 19, 2010

If you enjoy this as much as I did, you might consider dropping a five-spot on 'em to keep them going!
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You may notice that I added a blog bar titled "J-10 Blogs". These are blogs by priests or seminarians who are living out the Holy Father's January 2010 call for them to evangelize via new media. If you are or know of a priest or seminarian with an orthodox blog, shoot me a link and I'll add 'em.

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