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Christopher West is a well known speaker and author on the Theology of the Body. Recently he's received some criticisms about his teachings from some rather notable folks and he's taken some time off to reflect. Nonetheless, he's a guy trying to faithfully teach what the Church teaches.

SO! All those disclaimers in place, here are some free talks of his hosted by The Gift Foundation. From the site:

FREE Download
Naked Without Shame
A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body with Christopher West
8 talks totaling almost 12 hours, plus a 9th Bonus Talk

To download the entire Naked Without Shame Crash Course in MP3 format for use on your iPod or MP3 player click on either link below.

Click here to download Naked Without Shame High Quality Recording MP3, Size: 712 MB


Click here to download Naked Without Shame Lower Quality Recording MP3 Size: 188 MB
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