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These talks are part of a lecture series delivered by Fr. Joseph Shetler, STL, the associate pastor of St. Joseph Cathedral, and Mr. Spencer Allen, the principal of the parish school. These talks present an overview of the various teachings and practices of the Catholic faith.

  1. Scripture and Tradition (Mr. Allen)
    Where the Bible comes from and how we know it's true, and the other way God has revealed Himself to mankind.

  2. Basics of Catholic Theology (Fr. Shetler)
    How Catholics talk about faith and morals, theological terms and categories, what theology is and what its sources are.

  3. Infallibility of the Church and Papacy (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What it means and what it doesn't mean to be infallible, who is infallible, when, and how.

  4. Responding to Scandal (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Galileo case, and Pius XII and the Nazis; how to respond to challenges like these.

  5. Original Sin and Original Justice (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    How our first parents were created, what the fall means, and how it affects all of us.

  6. Priesthood (Fr. Shetler)
    What priesthood is in general, the nature of the Christian priesthood, and why it is reserved to men.

  7. Baptism and Salvation (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What Baptism is, where it comes from, what it accomplishes, and why it is necessary.

  8. Grace, Faith and Works, and Salvation (Mr. Allen)
    How Protestants and Catholics believe very different things about how we are saved and what being saved really means.

  9. Theology of the Body (Mr. Allen)
    How our understanding our understanding of how God created us can bring us to a greater understanding of God, himself, as well as help us to connect more fully with the body of Christ.

  10. Eucharist and the Sacrifice of the Mass (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What transubstantiation is, why its important, and how to understand it properly.

  11. Basics of Morality and Sexual Ethics (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What constitutes the morality of a human act, different kinds of sin, and how sexual ethics fits into these basics of Catholic moral thought.

  12. Penance, Confession, and Indulgences (Mr. Allen)
    Why confession to a priest is necessary for the remission of sins, and how penance helps to prepare us for eternal glory.

  13. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory (Mr. Allen and Fr. Shetler)
    What happens when we die: death, the particular jugdment, heaven, hell, purgatory, and the general judgment.
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