POSTED BY on 9:02 PM under after your free registration, that is. Here are the titles available:

"Character of a Man"
Interview by Mark Houck
Holy Spirit Radio - Philadelphia, PA
"The Christian Warrior"
Defeat Satan with a Confident Heart
"Summoning Men to Lay Down Their Lives"
"Challenges in Prayer:
Upgrading Spiritual Connectivity"
"Ten Things Women Need to Know about Men"

The catch is you have to register with the Amator Institute (which you can do at their registration page). Here's the low-down on Fr. Chavez:

Fr. Phillip Chavez is a priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, the same congregation of Fr. John Corapi. While he has engaged in parish work in the U.S., Canada, and Italy since his ordination in 1993, he has been involved in pro-life work and has diligently applied himself to concerns of marriage and family. Now, embarking in men’s outreach, he presents a forum to restore the hearts of men and strengthen their spirit to build stronger families and a more vital society.
Catch his video intro here.
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