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Pat Madrid is an inspiring guy despite his reserved manner. In addition to his ceaseless work in other areas, he also puts out Envoy Magazine. On his site you can buy some of Dr. Kreeft's lectures that I can't find elsewhere - Envoy E-Store Peter Kreeft Link.


If you're looking to support a good man doing good work (and maybe learn something in the process), you can buy some of Pat Madrid's mp3s here.


I got the following e-mail:

Hey Everybody!

Big News from the Envoy Institute! The Envoy Institute is a project of my pal Patrick Madrid and the great orthodox Catholic college, Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. Both deserve your support! The first thing is that I’m doing some work for them which is a good thing, second is a great offer for all you Catholic web blasters and bloggers out there.

Such a deal! Below are the codes for Website/Blog banners, one vertical and one horizontal. The banner acts as a live, clickable, hyperlink to exciting events at Envoy. Choose the one that fits best on your site, post it and let us know, and you will receive a free subscription to Envoy magazine if you are in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. If you are are elsewhere in the world you will receive a free subscription to the PDF version of Envoy sent to you by email.

Here’s how it works: The 1-year subscription is predicated on leaving one of our banners up on the main page of your site/blog (the more prominently displayed the better, of course) for a year. We will be happy to renew that subscription if you will renew running a banner for another year, etc.

Don’t delay! From time to time you will receive new timely banners to help support the great work of Envoy and the Envoy Institute in modern day and much needed Catholic apologetics and evangelization! Remember Pat Madrid is the guy who said Pete Vere’s fez was nifty!

Please spread the word around the world, that means you in the UK, New Zealand, Oz (Australia), and the Philippines! Everywhere in the English speaking world.

See it on my site (the banner, not the fez), at

I do ask that if you do place the banner (and who wouldn’t?) that you drop me an email to ensure you get your subscription with a link and so we can admire it! Obviously, you are welcome to post more than one banner if you would like to help us. It would also be great if you added a text link to Envoy Magazine ( <> ) and/or the Envoy Institute ( <> ) in the text links section of your site or blog

God bless & Thanks!
John Mallon

Here’s the code:


|a href=""> src="
" alt="Summer Conference" width="220" height="350" border="0">


|a href="">" alt="Summer Conference DVDs" width="728" height="90" border="0">
...oh, and you'll need to replace the "|" symbol with "<" and ">" (depending on if it's at the start or end, respectively, of the segment of code). I had to replace the carrots to get the code to display correctly. If that doesn't work, go here and get the code for the EnvoyInstitute banners.
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