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Karen Hall pointed me to the following post (with free audio at the end):
The Hollywood Project
There's an initiative underway to provide a comprehensive pastoral plan for the Church in Hollywood. Currently headed up by Fr. Don Woznicki, a priest of the archdiocese of Chicago, this plan could significantly re-shape the forms of ministry and support that the Church provides to the entertainment industry. From the mission statement:
The Hollywood Project is a five-phase plan to establish a dedicated, committed, and resourceful presence of the universal Church in Los Angeles, California, to support the people of the entertainment industry in their special calling to bring truth, beauty, and goodness to the human race.
I've known Fr. Don since 2002. He was the catalyst behind Cardinal George's invitation for Barbara Nicolosi to bring the the Act One: Writing for Hollywood program to Chicago that year. I attended that program, which ultimately led me to move to Hollywood a year later to pursue an interest in screenwriting and to serve in various pastoral outreaches, including a Theology of the Body study group and the RCIA Hollywood program.

At any rate, after many months of preliminary planning, there's information about The Hollywood Project online. There's a blog, a Facebook group, and I've also posted an audio podcast from a recent presentation Fr. Don gave at Saint Victor's Catholic Church in West Hollywood:

I encourage you to support this spiritual endeavor at the service of artists here in Los Angeles.
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    New Ethos August 17, 2010 at 10:46 PM , said...

    Thanks Sonitus!

    Hollywood Project is still alive. Needs your prayers to make it over a couple hurdles - But we are close. Appreciate your support.

    Know that you heard it here on Sonitus Sanctus - The Hollywood Project!

    -Fr. Don


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